How CBD Can Help Business Executives

CBD image for article 89893You’ve got deadlines looming and a lot of work to do. You’re wound so tight that you can’t relax your muscles no matter how hard you try. You need to focus and knuckle down, but you just don’t have the energy. You reach for another espresso to give you a boost.

If all or some of that sounds familiar, you know you have to do something soon. If you don’t, you’re heading for burnout or a breakdown. The problem is that you have to be at work. You don’t want the boss finding out that you’re struggling to cope. So, what do you do?

Have You Considered CBD Oil?

CBD oil can be useful in helping you unwind and relax. Several studies have shown it has benefits for insomnia and anxiety relief. One study concluded that CBD is promising but that more clinical trials are necessary.

In the scientific community at large, it is generally accepted that CBD oil is safe if used responsibly. Researchers do warn that we need to be careful about where we source the products. CBD is classified as a supplement, so it’s not subject to the strict regulations medications are.

That said, the FDA has approved marijuana-based medication for the treatment of certain types of epileptic seizures, so the plant may be on the road to further regulation.

Scientists are generally optimistic about the value of CBD oil in the treatment of chronic pain and anxiety. While there hasn’t been a lot of scientific research into this matter, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence.

What Will It Do for Me?

As an exec, you can’t afford to take anything that will dull your senses. The primary benefit of taking this oil over prescription medications is that it won’t leave you feeling like a zombie the next day. Take it an hour before bed, and you’re likely to sleep better.

Check with your doctor before trying any supplements, and before putting your money in CBD oil, follow this guide to make sure you select the right one for your situation.

You can also take a small dose during the day to help you stay relaxed and more focused. It sounds crazy, I know, but I was surprised to find that a small dose in the morning left me feeling calmly attentive. It stills all those worrying thoughts and lets you get on with your day.

You’ll need to experiment a bit to find the right dose for you, but it shouldn’t take too long to get it right.

Is CBD Legal?

That’s a great question but one that’s difficult to answer. It depends on the state that you’re living in and the levels of THC in the oil. THC is the compound in marijuana that causes you to get high, and it can appear in oils derived from the cannabis plant. Legally, products must contain less than 0.3% THC to fly under the radar.

In California, you’re allowed to use marijuana medically and recreationally. You’re also allowed to buy CBD oil legally as long as the supplier has the correct license.

It’s a good idea to check whether it’s legal in your state. Also, check on legal ways to acquire it.

Will It Show Up in Drug Tests?

Typically speaking, no. Drug tests screen for THC metabolites. If you’re using a good-quality product from a reputable supplier, you should be fine. To be on the safe side, check whether the supplier has their product independently checked regularly.

Look for independent certification certificates from the supplier. If they’re not displayed onsite, you can ask the company to send it through. If they don’t have one or won’t send it, move on.

Final Notes

CBD oil could prove to be a useful tool to help relieve anxiety and stress. It’s a wholly natural remedy that allows you to sidestep some of the side effects you’d experience with prescription meds. That said, everyone reacts to it differently. Try it out in small doses at first and see what it does for you. Then, you can make your final decision.

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