Can CBD Help With Nervousness & Social Anxiety

CBD has become quite a fitness trend in the wellness industry. Well, why shouldn’t it? Its therapeutic qualities and healing abilities are taking the world by storm! It’s being exhibited these days—online, stores, cafes, gift shops, and pharmacies. CBD is available in various forms, including oil, tincture, capsule, creams, lotions, pet food, etc. As a therapeutic drug, it helps in treating various problems, such as anxiety, depression, inflammation, seizures, chronic pain, and epilepsy.

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Even though there is little to no research to prove its effects on humans, anecdotes around the world have successfully proven its stunning merits on the human body system. Since social anxiety is one of the results of anxiety, there are sure chances of CBD having the strength to reduce or completely heal it too. Here’s all you need to know about cbd oil for social anxiety.

What is CBD anyway?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, a natural compound found in the cannabis plant. However, unlike other cannabis products, CBD does not contain the high-producing compound, known as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and thus, does not get you stoned. This also means that CBD is non-psychoactive or non-intoxicating in nature.

For this reason, CBD is excluded from the list of ‘controlled-substance’ and has been made legal by the 2018 Farm Bill in all the 50 states of the US. In the past few years, this miraculous product has anecdotally relieved thousands of people from different problems, such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression, and inflammation. However, the research on this topic is still in-progress and needs more effort and analysis on CBD and its effects on the human body. You can check the best cbd oils at discover to make sure you get high quality cbd products.

So, what really is social anxiety?

It is the uneasiness or discomfort that the body develops even at the thought of meeting someone new or being around a bunch of people. Some of the symptoms include sweating of hands, racing heartbeat, shaking, feeling like the ground will swallow you, stuttering or problem speaking, etc.

People suffering from social anxiety start fearing even the thought of going to the grocery store even. This anxiety often starts during childhood and due to developed patterns. It can however be successfully treated with the help of certain activities, like yoga, meditation, exercise, good diet and cognitive behavioural therapy.

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In terms of medication, anti-anxiety pills like Xanax and Prozac are given to the patient to deal with the symptoms of anxiety.

However, CBD is the latest addition in dealing with the problem of social anxiety, and the best thing about this alternative medication is that it is natural in approach. In fact, people are proudly telling the stories where even a month’s course of CBD put their anxiety at ease. Also, it’s not addictive and has no side effects at all.

CBD and social Anxiety: What does the Study say?

Anxiety is quite common these days. Everyone experiences it at some point of time. However, when it starts interfering with the daily chores, personal as well as professional life of a person, it becomes a disorder. If not well-cared, it gets worse with time.

Recent cannabis radar’s study suggested CBD has anxiolytic properties. Even though scientific results of the same are limited, people are claiming to find relief from anxieties of all kinds, including social anxiety.

What CBD does is interact with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system of the body. These receptors can be found in the brain, nervous system and immune system of the body. These receptors are responsible for regulating pain and mood swings of the body.

When CBD interacts with these receptors, the body slowly starts achieving balance or homeostasis. Once homeostasis is achieved, serotonin and anandamide balance are regulated as well and thus, there is no more sign of anxiety, depression, or any other negative emotion.

What do studies say?

Cannabidiol was also concluded to be a potential treatment for problems, such as anxiety and all its forms, including social anxiety, PTSD, OCD, etc, according to this 2015 analysis.

A 2016 child study revealed that CBD helped in reducing the symptoms of PTSD in the child and helped her fall asleep more peacefully than before. Thus, CBD is quite effective in reducing the effects of PTSD, trauma, insomnia, and social anxiety.

In this 2019 study, it was revealed that 37 Japanese teenagers suffering from social anxiety disorder (SAD) consumed 300 mg of CBD oil for a month. It was observed that after a month, many of them found relief in their condition.

CBD dosage for social anxiety

There is no universally-regulated dosage of CBD for treatment of anxiety. Additionally, Food and Drug Administration, or FDA is still in the process of regulating the dosage of CBD for various problems. For this very reason, you will have to figure out the ideal CBD dosage for yourself, with the help of your medical practitioner or CBD expert.

As per existing research, CBD is a natural, safe, and non-intoxicating product and comes with zero side-effects. Thus, it is quite easy to figure out your dosage. You can start with low dosage of CBD and monitor yourself until you reach your ideal dosage and thus, start feeling better with time. Please note that CBD has been observed to be safe even at high dosage of 300 to 600 mg. So, do not worry, you will be fine.

Conclusion: Should you take CBD If you’re nervous?

If you are still wondering whether you should start your CBD course for the treatment of your anxiety, well, this is your sign to go for it. Additionally, you can also consult your doctor about this course for your problem, especially if you are on a medication already. You can consume it as your daily supplement and within two weeks or more, you will start seeing the improvements in your body.


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