CBD is Increasing in Popularity at a Rapid Rate: Here’s What You Need to Know

Although CBD was discovered more than 70 years ago, it only became popular in recent times. According to HorizonTech, which markets vape tanks, people today use CBD to alleviate a variety of issues including insomnia, sleep-deprivation, and anxiety.

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These three issues may not seem like a big deal, but they have cumulative effects and cause an incredibly large number of people to suffer daily. People who suffer from sleep deprivation struggle to get into and stay in the deep state of REM sleep long enough to trigger their body into repair mode. As a result, their body releases a constant stream of stress hormones, which wreaks havoc on their health. Stress alone has a similar detrimental effect on the body.

Many people report getting better sleep and the reduction or elimination of stress after taking CBD on a regular basis. These personal testimonials for CBD have catalyzed its popularity in recent years.

What is CBD and why is it becoming popular now?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid that was discovered in 1940. CBD is one of the most dominant cannabinoids and makes up about 40% of all cannabinoids found in hemp oil extractions by volume. It’s not psychoactive, which means it doesn’t produce a ‘high’ or feelings of euphoria and/or hallucinations. Those effects are created by THC, not CBD.

The reason CBD is becoming popular today is directly connected to the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized industrial hemp. CBD is extracted from hemp, but since hemp was criminalized in 1967, all of its extracts fell under the same regulation.

Hemp and marijuana are varieties of the cannabis plant species, but unlike the marijuana plant, hemp contains extremely low levels of THC. It never should have been criminalized in the first place.

Why did we need the Farm Bill to legalize hemp?

Although hemp had long been a staple in the U.S. economy, in 1967, all varieties of cannabis were classified as a scheduled substance under the Controlled Substances Act. Unfortunately, this sweeping ban included hemp.

Although industrial hemp has extremely low levels of THC, it remained classified as a scheduled substance from 1967 until 2018 when the Farm Bill was passed. Now that industrial hemp is legal to cultivate, it’s also legal to extract its oils, which includes CBD.

Wide availability makes CBD even more popular

In the last ten years or so, CBD has become so popular that you can get it just about anywhere. You can find it at cannabis dispensaries, drug stores, grocery stores, online, and even at drive-thru coffee shops.

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With a variety of delivery methods, everyone has a reason to try it out. For instance, you can find CBD gummies, flavored oils, capsules, and some manufacturers even put CBD in beverages and other food products.

CBD is popular, but is it safe?

Safety is an important concern to have about anything that has not been thoroughly tested for long periods of time. However, a large number of studies have shown CBD to be therapeutic without the same level of harmful side effects that come from pharmaceuticals.

Some people do experience minor side effects like dry mouth, diarrhea, fatigue, and drowsiness.

Impurities carry the biggest risk

The biggest risk is the purity of the CBD. Some manufacturers don’t use proper extraction methods and others intentionally cheat their customers. The best way to know if you’re getting high-quality CBD is to buy only from manufacturers that offer lab results for each batch of every product they produce.

For example, if a company sells oils, capsules, and gummies, make sure they provide lab results for every batch of oil, every batch of capsules, and every batch of gummies on an ongoing basis.

CBD popularity is compelling federal studies

Now that CBD has become extremely popular, the federal government has unveiled plans to study CBD further in 2021. The intention is to fill in the gaps where safety and efficacy are concerned since many exiting studies have been performed or paid for by companies with a direct interest in CBD.

Hopefully, moving into 2021 and beyond, the safety and efficacy of CBD will be more widely publicized and accepted by a skeptical public and skeptical government.