CBD Oil for Muscle Pain: Effects, Benefits, and Uses

Did you know that the human body has over 600 muscles covering all parts of the body? In fact, they account for more than one-third of our total weight. Therefore, muscle pain can be felt almost anywhere in the body. Pains or aches in the muscle is something we’ve all experienced before. That is how common it is. Although, some muscle pains are normal and should wear off given a little time.

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Also known as myalgia or myodynia, muscle pain is caused by excessive exertion, injury, or infections. The muscles’ exertion happens during exercise and other strenuous tasks, and the muscles can get injured due to mechanical stress. Some drugs such as cocaine, ACE inhibitors, or statins can also cause muscle pain.

However, there is good news for those who experience aches in their muscles. Studies have shown that CBD has the ability to relax the muscle, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation. All these features make it a wonderful option for helping your muscles recover from pain. This pain-relieving feature has been known with marijuana for a very long time, but CBD presents a much better alternative since it is not psychoactive.

CBD is also known as cannabidiol, and it is a compound extracted from the hemp plant’s CBD flower. While some research is ongoing and more will be needed to make things clearer, available reports have come with a lot of good news. What do we know already about CBD’s ability to relieve pain, and what are scientists still not sure about? Find out below!

How CBD Relieves Pain

It was discovered in the 1990s that the human body, as well as other vertebrates, have a system of molecules known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system carries out the natural production of internal cannabinoids. The ECS exchanges signals between the cannabinoids and their receptors and are responsible for bodily functions such as homeostasis, sleep, pain, hunger, mental balance, and immune response.

Consequently, CBD and THC, which are external cannabinoids, have similar effects on the body. CBD, in particular, reacts with the ECS to serve anti-inflammatory functions. When inflammation occurs and muscle breaks down, muscle rebuilding cannot happen until the inflammation reduces. The ECS is the body’s natural way of eliminating inflammation. CBD, therefore, helps you recover from pains by working with the endocannabinoid system.

The Effects CBD on Muscle Pain

CBD is believed to be effective in getting rid of paid through different mechanisms.

  • One of the known mechanisms is that it prevents pain signals from getting to the brain. The human body has pain receptors throughout the body that send signals to the brain in case of any triggering factor. CBD’s anti-inflammatory quality allows it to kill pain at the point of injury. Meanwhile, it works on the brain and spinal cord by regulating pain receptor activities.
  • CBD reduces inflammation and, thus, activation of more pain receptors. When we are injured, inflammation transports immune cells to the area to enable fast recovery. Inflammation keeps us aware of the injury, and this is where CBD comes in; it inhibits certain inflammatory messengers, thereby reducing pain.
  • CBD can also relax our muscles. When the muscles get injured, the surrounding muscle fibers are unable to work freely again, leading to painful spasms and difficulty in recovery. While CBD can help relax these spasms, it speeds up the process of muscle recovery.

The Benefits of Using CBD for Muscle Pain

While different pain conditions have been treated using other medications and therapies, many people are turning to CBD because it is more natural, in fact, you can now find the Men’s Journal best CBD oil UK products in every leading online store. As a result, various studies have been carried out to evaluate the benefits while others are ongoing. Below are some of the findings that have been made.

Relief from Arthritis

Research carried out using animal subjects in the year 2016 discovered that CBD could be used to manage pain from arthritis. They administered different concentrations of CBD to rats with arthritis and found that significant doses of CBD resulted in a substantial decline in inflammation and pain.

Relief from Cancer Treatment Pain

While studies reveal that CBD may be effective against cancerous cells, more people use it to get relief from pain that results from treating cancer. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has come out with good news regarding the treatment of cancer symptoms with CBD. They say it has shown great promises for pain relief and symptoms experienced after chemotherapy.

Relief from Multiple Sclerosis Pain

People who suffer from multiple sclerosis experience muscle spasms that lead to constant pain. CBD oil has been shown in research to help alleviate muscle spasms in people suffering from this disease. Many people experienced symptoms reduction, even though the results are not large-scale.

Chronic Pain Relief

A report of the effect of CBD on chronic pain showed significant evidence that CBD works effectively for treating general chronic pain. This is backed up by other reports which state that CBD can help eliminate inflammation and pain, although the dose needed to be continually increased.

Relief from Migraine Pain

Not many studies have been carried out on CBD’s activity on migraine pain, but existing ones reveal that a combination of CBD and THC may be helpful. It has also been stated that people with migraines can use THC and CBD for acute and intense pains.


While more research may be needed to support the initial success CBD has garnered against pain management, researchers have revealed the potential of CBD through various studies. People can get relief from a variety of pain through CBD. And this goes without psychoactive effects or risks of addiction.

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