CBD Oil the Secret Behind Smoking Cessation

One of the leading causes of preventable death is nicotine, yet millions of people still light a cigarette every day. Smoking is tied to cancer, heart and lung disease, and strokes. Researchers believe that every time a cigarette is lit, roughly ten minutes is subtracted from a person’s life.

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Millions are spent every year in stop-smoking campaigns, and on products designed to curb the habit. However, a smoker cannot seem to kick the habit permanently. The secret to success may lie in CBD oil.

CBD Trumps Nicotine Replacement

Products on the market to help smokers quit are known as nicotine replacement therapy. You can find nicotine patches, gums, and inhalers that are designed to wean you off cigarettes. Tobacco free pouches assist those who use dip. However, you are still putting nicotine into your system and preventing your body from repairing neurological signals.

Nicotine addiction is difficult to overcome because your body works with habits and rewards. You are anxious, so you light a cigarette, and then you feel good. CBD connects to the endocannabinoid system to help your body produce serotonin and dopamine naturally.

The belief is when you battle stress, your body will produce serotonin and dopamine naturally to combat. It is unclear how long it will take your body to begin producing these chemicals after your last cigarette, but CBD fills the gap in the meantime.

How to Use CBD Medicinally

CBD oil can be found in vapes, capsules, tinctures, or infused in edibles. When starting, many people prefer vaping because they want the ritual. However, it is advised to use capsules or gummies (vermafarms.com/collections/cbd-gummies) because you need to break habits for long-term success. Consult with a therapist or a medical professional knowledgeable in CBD to find the method for your needs.

If you are just starting, use either broad-spectrum or full-spectrum two times a day. It is recommended to start with a gummy a half hour before you take any other medication and at least a half-hour before you want to go to bed. The most important part is to stay with one dosage for two weeks before you evaluate the effectiveness. Only adjust your dosage based on your needs and what the counselor feels is appropriate.

If you are battling cravings throughout the day, vaping is acceptable. The CBD oil absorbs into the bloodstream faster, so you have an immediate relief of symptoms. As you rebuild the natural levels of serotonin and dopamine in your body, you will notice that your need to vape diminishes. Remember that quitting smoking requires managing the cravings, habits, and withdrawals.

How CBD Helps

Humans use habits to manage life. There are healthy habits (sleeping, exercise, etc.) and unhealthy options (drinking, smoking, etc.). Life is stressful, and everyone manages that stress differently. Healthy routines promote your body’s natural neurological system to cope. However, smokers no longer have the chemicals produced and rely on nicotine to supplement.

CBD assists with quitting by managing the serotonin and dopamine levels in your body. This helps prevent anxiety and depression. However, withdrawal also brings insomnia, irritability, and headaches. The reason CBD is the secret to long-term success lies in its ability to treat these symptoms.

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