Can CBD Salve Provide Relief for Menstrual Cramp Pain?

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CBD has been used for centuries to manage menstrual cramps tracing back to Queen Victoria who was noted to use the oil for her monthly pain. Cannabinoid receptors travel throughout a woman’s body, including the uterus and ovaries, making CBD’s properties effective with inhibiting pain such as cramping that commonly accompanies a cycle.

There are a number of forms for women to choose from for CBD oil online, check out for examples. It is a matter of personal preference the manner in which you apply the substance. Some people like to have immediate relief, but it comes with a shorter term, where a product that takes longer to “kick in” will last an extended period in comparison.

CBD Salve To Help With Menstrual Cramps

Unfortunately, many women suffer from cramps with their monthly menstrual cycle, some debilitatingly so. Often, most employ NSAIDs and in some cases pain medication to endure the discomfort, but these have the potential to leave harsh effects behind for the body.

One solution that has been serving women satisfactorily for hundreds of years is cannabis or more appropriately cannabidiol in Queen Victoria’s case. Everyone is unique, experiences various sets of symptoms each month, and will find a different CBD application that is more suited for your needs and body type.

You should try each form to see how they differ and continue with the one that is ultimately most effective. Women experiencing exceptional pain may find immediate relief an absolute necessity while others prefer extended relief.

Use of topicals like the salve can give an almost instant period of relief, while a drop of tincture oil under the tongue is immediate as well. Capsules and ingestible like the various edible products take longer to kick in, but their effects are longer lasting. The general estimation is up to an hour to see results with the potential for as much as two possibly four hours of relief when ingesting. CBD products are much easier to find in shops than they used to be, even CBD cream UK can now be found quite easily.

With the salve, you should massage the substance into the lower abdomen and surrounding area along with the use of a heating pad to help relax tension. Topicals go directly to the source allowing the compound to target the problem. You can also use a soaking warm bath with CBD bath bombs, which also react right away going immediately to the specific location.

Dosing CBD During Your Cycle

If you are new to cannabidiol, the suggestion for a starting dose from cramping with your menstrual cycle is no more than 40 mg. It is important to begin with a small dose and work up from that point. You can gradually increase in 5 mg increments until you feel the substance is benefiting your body. For a guideline on how to take CBD oil for monthly discomfort go here.

If you are already using the product on a daily basis, but find the normal dose isn’t sufficient in alleviating the monthly pain, you should increase it during the time period when the discomfort is the strongest. Again, you want to do so slowly until you reach a point of relief to keep the level as minimal as possible.

CBD is non-intoxicating with virtually no opportunity for overdose, but the higher dosage or if taken in excess, there is greater likelihood for adverse reactions which can include potentially lowered blood pressure, increased thirst, lethargy, drowsiness, and dizziness. Therefore, the recommendation is to keep doses at the minimum necessary to reach efficacy.

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Final Thought

You should be consulting with a gynecologist regularly who needs to be advised if you intend to treat  with CBD as part of your regimen for pain management. The doctor can ensure there are no interactions with other medications and check for underlying conditions that might be responsible for the exceptional pain.

The favored way to incorporate CBD for menstrual cramps among women is topical application. Rubbing one of the salves or creams into the tender area soothes and relaxes the pain almost right away. Combining a heating pad or a warm towel with the treatment adds to the benefit.

“Anecdotally” the reports suggest this has been more effective than using NSAIDs and better than pharmaceuticals with their harsh aftereffects. But, again, clinical studies need to continue to back these claims.

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