Celebrities Who are Interested in Cryptocurrencies 


With the rise in popularity and wide acceptance of cryptocurrencies, many people are curious to know about celebrities who love cryptocurrencies. In fact, the number of celebrities in the crypto market is growing faster. Needless to say that celebrities have an influence over their audience. Therefore, people want to follow their work on their own lives.

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As there are many celebrities who are involved in the crypto market and they have the power to attract more people. It will not wrong to say that they can involve their audience in the crypto world. The celebrities are from different backgrounds such as athletes, singers, or investors who better know about the crypto market.

Celebrities Who Love Cryptocurrencies

Here you will find some of the top celebrities in the world who are interested in cryptocurrencies. Apart from this bitcoins-evolution.com lists a number of more celebrities who are into the bitcoin market. Now, let’s start with the list of celebrities.

Ashton Kutcher

From the ’70s to the Netflix era, Ashton Kutcher has made his mark as an award-winning versatile actor. He not only famous for his tremendous work in acting but also a giant technology investor. He has funded many big companies like Uber, Airbnb, and many other businesses.

He is the founder of the venture capital A-grade Investments which is majorly investing in technology start-ups. In a tech conference, he had talked about the “decentralized technology” under which the bitcoin works. He praised the digital currency concept at that conference.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson, the world-famous heavyweight boxing champion is a huge fan of bitcoins. He not only owns bitcoin, but he owns a line of bitcoins in Las Vegas. Interestingly, the bitcoin ATM line is named after his name as Mike Tyson Bitcoin, which is branded with his own facial tattoo.

He said he had a little knowledge of how bitcoins and the technology work, but he wanted to be part of the revolution.

Lionel Messi

The world-famous football player Lionel Messi has become the brand ambassador of a blockchain-based developer. Leo is not only famous as a football player, but he is also one of the greatest personalities in the world.

When he wrote about his interest in blockchain technology, the awareness of the technology has significantly increased. Many people get involved in the crypto market after his post on Facebook and Instagram.


Nasir Jones, the famous rapper has left his singing career and started a new life as a technology venture capitalist. He is a rapper as well as a songwriter. After he took a turn in his career he became an entrepreneur and investor. In 2014, he invested in a bitcoin startup called Coinbase at that time. He learned about bitcoin and believed that this industry would significantly grow in the future.

50 Cent

Another world-famous rapper, 50 Cent, has made millions of money accidentally. He sold one of his albums for cryptocurrency and hold it for a long time and made millions. He deleted one of his posts for security reasons but celebrated the sum of money he made from the bitcoin market.

DJ Khaled

The legendary American musician Khaled has invested in ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) of Centra. Just like IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) of stocks, ICOs are similar but without a regulatory body. He often talked about the potential of cryptocurrencies in videos. He shared his own photo with a Centra card on Instagram which is used for storing digital currencies. However, Centra has been banned due to many issues, and his photo has also removed since then.

Hopefully, this article has provided information about famous celebrities who are into cryptocurrencies. If you want to add a few more names to the list, mention them in the comment section.

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