The Characteristics of a Drug Addict: 4 Signs You Have a Problem

In the past 20 years, around 700,000 people in the United States have died due to a drug overdose. Sadly, the large number of deaths associated with addiction hasn’t slowed down the number of people using drugs.

In fact, almost 20% of Americans admit to having misused drugs within the last year. If you or someone you love is using drugs, you never know when their addiction could turn fatal.

Not sure if you or a loved one are suffering from an addiction? Keep reading to discover some of the characteristics of a drug addict.

1. Increasing Tolerance

One of the most common signs of addiction in a drug addict is the increase intolerance. This symptom is especially prevalent when opioids are involved.

The first time someone misuses a drug, they’ll get the “easiest” high their body can achieve. From that point on, the person will attempt to replicate this same feeling, but it will require higher and higher doses.

Due to the higher tolerance, addicts will take larger doses, which increases the likelihood of an overdose.

2. Loss of Interest in Daily Activities

Common drug addict behavior also includes a loss of interest in daily activities. Someone with an addiction may quit their job, stop talking to friends, and dissociate themselves with family members.

Because of their addiction, an addict’s main goal is now to get high — their body craves it. This means that the activities that they used to enjoy get pushed away for their need to obtain drugs.

3. Struggling Financially

If you’re looking for signs of drug abuse, look at how a potential addict is handling their life financially. Drugs cost money, and the higher tolerance an addict has, the more money they’ll need to spend.

Because an addict feels the physical and mental symptoms of withdrawal, they’ll likely ignore other financial responsibilities in order to purchase drugs. This may mean they fail to pay their bills on time, always ask to borrow money from others, or resort to stealing.

4. Getting Sick More Often

When it comes to symptoms of addiction, you may also notice that you or a loved one have a weakened immune system.

Each drug will impact the immune system differently. For example, injecting opioids could lead to an infection or even HIV while snorting cocaine could cause upper respiratory issues.

Once the addiction begins to affect other aspects of an addict’s health, it’s already progressed pretty seriously. At this point, you’ll want to seek recovery help from the professionals, like Dana Point Rehab Campus. They’ll help treat the root cause of the addiction while keeping you or your loved one healthy from harmful side effects.

Now You Know the Characteristics of a Drug Addict

After reading this article, you now know some of the more common characteristics of a drug addict.

In almost every case of addiction, the user will deny that their life has changed. They will go great lengths to hide these characteristics and any other signs of an addiction from their loved ones. If you have even the slightest hint that someone is suffering from an addiction, the best thing you can do is offer help.

Once you’ve admitted that you or your loved one have an addiction, the road to recovery can begin. Bookmark the Health section of this site to find all the advice you need to help you with your journey to sobriety.

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