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Dreams, they say, have the unique power of taking flight even in the strongest of storms. One just has to wish for them enough. And if you’ve got dreams of enjoying champagne, luxury beds, and rich gourmet in the air, we’ll request you to fasten your seatbelts because it’s about to happen!

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All you need to do is follow some insider hacks, coming straight from the leading flight-booking portal that has some of the best travel agents, to secure cheap business class flights.

Why Book Cheap Business Class Tickets?

Why not? With airlines snacking away the amenities from the economy class piece by piece, the only resort is to look for comfort elsewhere. Because imagining a scene where one boards, for instance, international flights to India from USA which takes around 15 hours to cover some 8448 miles, with negligible leg space and minimal food options is difficult. To top it all off, your seat partner might be a snoring king; worse, a drooling queen! Damn. You wouldn’t want that, right? Right. Don’t worry, we have the solution.

Here’s How to Get Cheap Business Class Flights

1. Get Upgraded
-Be Loyal
-Buy Economy & Get Upgraded By Miles
-Buy Economy & Get Upgraded By Cash
-Book Economy & Bid On Upgrade
-Buy or Sell Points
-Be Polite At The Check-In

2. Pray For Mistake Fares

3. Connect With Travel Agencies

4. Be Flexible With Your Itinerary

5. Sign Up For Newsletters & Alerts

1. Get Upgraded

Now, how’s that supposed to be done? Let’s find out.

  • Be Loyal

Loyalty pays in all aspects of life including the airline world. And gifting miles is one way in which the airlines try benefitting their loyal, frequent flyers. So keep track of the same along with their expiry dates so you can redeem them timely. When you have enough miles, you can buy a cheap business class ticket.

  • Buy Economy & Get Upgraded By Miles

The miles you collect through your frequent flyer program can help you upgrade from economy class to business class. However, you’ll have to make sure that the economy ticket you purchase has award availability on it and that you book a fare class that is eligible for upgrades. This is because basic economy tickets are not eligible for upgrades even if paid through cash or miles.

  • Book Economy & Get Upgraded By Cash

In case the departure date is near and there still are many unsold business class tickets, the airlines offer an upgrade that you can enjoy by paying a minimal amount. You may receive a mail for the same or check it online.

  • Book Economy & Bid On Upgrade

Suppose you’ve bought a ticket. A bid, in this case, will be an additional amount you’ll be willing to pay to get upgraded to enjoy cheap business class tickets. Airlines have bidding pages where it allows flyers to upgrade on a bid by offering a price that is both genuine and valid. It can be considered as their minimum bid. If you’re eligible for the bid, you’ll have to place the same by putting your credit card info. You’ll be notified if your bid gets accepted as your credit card will be immediately charged.

  • Buy or Sell Points

While there are umpteen sites that deal in buying and selling points, please note that this is a tad bit risky. You might end up losing your miles for nothing. But then, you might end up earning triple the miles if it works.

  • Be Polite At The Check-In

Being polite can work wonders, and it has for tons of travelers who neither have enough miles nor enough money to spend on business class bookings. You only need to dress well and politely ask at the check-in counter if there’s an empty business class seat that you can have. And whoosh, the seat will all yours! Of course, if there’s a last-minute cancelation in the business class category and you are traveling solo because we can’t really expect group cancelations. So, yes, if luck works!

2. Pray For Mistake Fares For Cheap Business Class Tickets

Mistake fares are when the airline accidentally puts up a flight price that is much, much cheaper than the usual price. If this happens for a business class flight, the price comes down by 90%, sometimes making it cheaper than the price of the economy. For this to happen, you need to be searching for flight fares like a geek, almost every day. If you get lucky, business class tickets are all yours!

3. Connect With Travel Agencies For The Best Business Class Flight Deals

Keep a track of the industry’s best travel agencies that can help you book cheap business class flights. There are specialized sites for specialized destinations. For instance, if you need to book cheap USA to India business flights, MyTicketstoIndia is one of the emerging names in this domain that follows the lowest airfare policy. Keeping a check on such sites can be immensely helpful.

Getting in touch with agencies like these is also a piece of cake. Either give them a call or join the live chat, asking for any deals they might be running. Chances are that you’ll be served with the best offer.

Not just this, the travel agents associated with them will help you with the most creative combinations wherein you’ll fly economy for the shorter leg and business class for the longer one. While these combinations are hard to figure out and put into practice, travel agents are equipped with this art and end up doing the same effortlessly.

4. Be Flexible For Discounts On Business Class Flights

You can hear this hack a million times and it still won’t run out of its magnanimous importance. Never like NEVER be rigid with your dates. Instead, play safe by planning way ahead in time. When you have time in hand, flexibility will accompany you without a doubt. Also, traveling when others don’t, give you an edge over others along with some bumper business class deals. Accept this and play smart. This will 100% give you cheaper business class flights.

5. Sign Up For Newsletters & Alerts To Fly Business Class For Less

You’ll be surprised to hear that most of the travelers have an entirely different id wherein they solely get emails from airlines, aviation forums, and travel agencies. They do so to manage and keep a check on what airline is offering what discount or what agency is offering which all coupon codes. People like these end up striking the rod when the iron is hot, thereby enjoying cheap business class flights. If not from a separate id, you must sign up for the newsletters and alerts.

Now that you know the insider hacks to find cheap business class flights, you are 5 steps closer to your dream. With this, we hope you end up accomplishing the same soon.

Good luck!


Q: How much does a business class flight cost?

Ans: A business class ticket from USA to India will cost somewhere around $2500.

Q: Which airlines offer the cheapest business class tickets?

Ans: It is different for different countries but for the international USA to India business class flights, Air India, American Airlines, Emirates, and Etihad offer the cheapest airfares.

Q: Are business class airline tickets worth their cost?

Ans: Absolutely! With more leg space, a wide range of food options, lie-flat beds, vast entertainment choices, and free drinks among other amenities, international business tickets are totally worth their price.

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