Cheap Christmas Gifts – Personalize Wine & Beer Labels

The holiday season is almost upon us, and there’s nothing quite like the joy of giving and receiving heartfelt gifts. And by heartfelt gifts we mean alcohol, that’s right wine and beer. If you’re on a budget yet want to make a lasting impression, look no further than personalized wine and beer labels. At Bottle Your Brand, we believe that the most thoughtful gifts don’t have to break the bank. This Christmas, add a personal touch to your presents with custom wine labels and stickers that turn an ordinary bottle into a memorable keepsake or at least a good laugh at a holiday party. Don’t forget to explore our selection of Gifts for Him for the perfect holiday surprise.

How To Make a Cheap Yet Personalized Christmas Gift In Three Steps

Let us walk you through how to get some personalized wine or beer made for your Christmas gift giving or your holiday parties this season. It’s really three simple steps and depending upon how fancy you want to get with the quality of booze you really can do this for around $10 total per gift. Maybe less if you really go with bottom shelf booze.

Step 1. Go to the store and buy whatever wine, beer or even liquor you want to give. You can even go with the mini liquor bottles (airplane or shot bottles) if you want. We’ve got labels for all sizes of bottles so it can be anything. If it’s a fun white elephant type gift go with the two buck chuck from any grocery store. If it’s your boss, maybe step it up a bit and get something in the twenty plus buck range unless you don’t care about keeping your job.

Step 2. Go to Bottle Your Brand and design your Christmas stickers or holiday themed labels. We have all sorts of pre-made designs that you can simply enter your text to make your own. Some even have a spot for a photo so if you like this year’s family Christmas photo upload it and use it on your label design.

Prices are and minimums are low, so if you only want a few labels you can get them, you don’t need to order dozens or even hundreds. Look to spend about .99 each per label, less if you order more.

Step 3. The labels will show up to you within a few days, maybe a week depending upon what shipping method you chose when you placed the order. Plan ahead and order early to take advantage of the low flat rate shipping on USPS first class mail.  

Once the labels arrive you can hold them up to the bottle you’re going to apply them to and see if they will cover the existing label or if you need to remove the existing one. If you do need to remove the label you can soak the bottles in warm soapy water and then scrape off the label or just try scraping off the label with a razor if you have one. Be careful to always scrape away from your hands and body.

Apply the labels by cracking away the protective backing and applying them to the bottle. Keep tension on the label and smooth it out slowly as you apply it. Give it a quick rub to ensure that it’s applied all the way and then you are set! Personalized Christmas gift finished.

Christmas Wine, Beer and Liquor Bottle Label Product Details

All of our labels and stickers are printed on demand and shipped out within 48 hours. We print from our location north of Seattle in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We use a durable and fully waterproof synthetic material that can be kept submerged in ice and water or stored in the refrigerator and they will hold up just fine. Our standard wine and beer label material is finished with a matte coated finish however our die cut or custom shaped stickers are finished in a high gloss. So depending upon the look you are going for you can choose either option and it’s clearly stated on the product pages before you order.

Christmas Label Designs and Ideas

As we mentioned above we’ve got lots of pre-made designs ready for your text and photos. Browse the catalog to and choose one you like, we’ve got everything from designs inspired by popular Christmas movies like Elf, Christmas Vacation, The Grinch and a Christmas Story. Or you can go more traditional and pick a design that features a Christmas tree, some ornaments or holly. We’ve really got something for everyone when it comes to Christmas designs.

If you can’t find one that works for you then you can design your own. Create your own holiday design online or even upload a file and we can print that. Maybe you even have this year’s Christmas card in a JPG or PDF format, upload it and we’ll turn it into a wine label.

If you have questions or need some help getting your cheap Christmas gifts put together drop Bottle Your Brand a line and they will be happy to help.