Cheapest Cryptocurrency To Invest in 2021

Digital currencies continue to attract many investors interested to diversify their portfolios. As many businesses continue to embrace crypto as a mode of payment, several other digital currencies are coming up to share in the ever-growing crypto market.

With the total number of digital currencies crossing the 4000 mark in 2021, it is no doubt that the demand for cryptocurrency has shot up over the years. While most digital currencies have little to no trading volume, the majority command a high market segment among crypto enthusiasts.

However, demand for significant coins has resulted in a high increase in prices, making them out of reach for many. To bridge the gap, many cryptocurrencies are now available in the market at considerably low prices. This provides an opportunity to invest in crypto of your choice regardless of your financial status. We give you an insight into some of the cheapest digital currencies you can invest in.


Introduced into the crypto ecosystem in 2013, Dogecoin has risen to popularity over the past few months. As of 2021, the coin trades at $0.60 and commands a market capitalization of $80 billion. Besides rising popularity, Dogecoin is the cheapest cryptocurrency you can buy in 2021.


The Ethereum based DApp enables users to trade Ethereum tokens through liquidity pools. Uniswaps smart contracts protocol facilitates automatic payments on the Ethereum blockchain. Despite being new in the crypto ecosystem, the popularity of UNI coins has been increasing over time.

Digital currency is the first Decentralized exchange used in supporting crypto trading. This makes it an ideal option for both transactions and trading. The coin is currently priced at $42, with a high potential for growth in the coming days.


The decentralized network provides highly secured smart contracts in any blockchain network. With the market cap hitting $20 Billion in 2021,  Chainlink commands a considerable market segment in the crypto industry. The unique aspect about Chain Link is that it is oracle and crypto networks that provide data on blockchain networks.

However, it has become a resourceful source of data for decentralized finance applications. Trading at $47.58, Chain Link has consolidated its place in the crypto market as one of the most valuable digital assets.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano’s rise in popularity is attributed to facilitating fast transactions and a flexible network. The chief selling points include scalability and sustainability. The outstanding feature of digital currency is that it enables the building of smart contracts within the network. As such, developers can now build dApps.

Furthermore, the coin is decentralized and has low transaction fees. Additionally, a price increase is attributed to advanced smart contract features that can be used to develop other cryptocurrencies. Crypto enthusiasts sourcing for an affordable and high potential cryptocurrency can purchase ADA, currently trading at $ 1.50.


Unlike Bitcoin, which trades at $40,000, ether is a cheap BTC rival that you can invest in. With a market capitalization of $316 Billion, ether trades at an average of $3458 .Smart contracts technology has contributed significantly to the sharp increase in the value of ether. This has catapulted ether into the second position in market capitalization after Bitcoin. The success in the ethereum’s  blockchain technology has attracted a high number of developers in the DeFi industry.

Final Thoughts

The digital currency market has attracted many investors Worldwide. This has pushed the prices of popular crypto higher, making them out of reach for many. With the rising number of new cryptocurrencies emerging, many people can now easily access cheap digital currencies available in the crypto ecosystem. But there are still important considerations you need to think about before using  bitcoin.

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