Check high-performing JavaScript Data Grid from Handsontable

A JavaScript data grid can transform any web application into a powerful tool for data visualization and manipulation. To get such a solution for your project, you do not necessarily need to develop your own grid. Deploying a ready-to-use API can save you a lot of time and money.

If you are considering an implementation of a third-party tool, check a JavaScript data grid from Handsontable.

Handsontable JavaScript Data Grid Functionality

The Handsontable JavaScript data grid is an advanced tool for dynamic data visualization and management. It allows for the real-time presentation of large amounts of data and facilitates organization and navigation through advanced sorting and filtering capabilities. Additionally, the grid supports data editing.

One particularly useful feature of Handsontable is its reporting and summarization capability. It enables users to quickly review the summary of the information contained in the grid’s columns. You can also apply various conditions for data retrieval. These are useful functionalities for identifying trends and tracking changes. With it, companies can make more informed decisions.

Customization of Handsontable Data Grid

The data grid provided by Handsontable is written in JavaScript which makes it highly customizable. With knowledge of development, it is possible to enhance the grid’s functionality by adding custom plugins. JavaScript also makes it easy to adjust the appearance of your data grid to the aesthetic of any website, thus ensuring consistency throughout the project. Additionally, the grid is easily integrated with popular JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, Vue.js, and React.

Even if you do not have a background in development, you can still easily modify the Handsontable data grid by creating custom cell types or integrating it with HyperFormula. This allows for even greater customization options, which can be tailored to the specific needs of your project.

Check JavaScript data grid from Handsontable combined with HyperFormula

As previously mentioned, the primary goal of the Handsontable data grid is data visualization. However, it can also be used for calculations with the help of HyperFormula, another product offered by the Handsontable team.

HyperFormula is a robust library that adds spreadsheet functionality to the data grid, allowing for advanced calculations of various types, including scientific, mathematical, accounting, statistical, and engineering operations. The library includes hundreds of formulas and also supports creating custom formulas. Additionally, HyperFormula is compatible with Excel, meaning that formulas commonly used in the popular spreadsheet program can also be applied to your application.

In addition to calculations, HyperFormula can also be used for data validation, ensuring the consistency and accuracy of the data in the grid. And, like the Handsontable data grid, the grid used with HyperFormula is highly scalable and can handle large amounts of data.

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