Tips On How To Check For Mold At Home

Mold image 1 - hhshhRegularly suffering from dermatitis, frequent asthma, and symptoms of hay-fever; home always has excess moisture; a problem with your plumbing; sewer flooded or backup are some of the telling factors that a home could have molds. In this article, we will discuss several helpful tips to check for molds at home and when is the best time to call for mold remediation or mold removal professional.

Mold can cause harm

A mold is a kind of fungus that thrives in most conditions and replicates through minute seeds or spores. Molds can trigger skin irritation, respiratory issues, and headaches especially if the molds in the house are the dangerous kinds. Children and elderly suffering from respiratory issues are at risk if there are molds at home. That is why, it is crucial to find, test and treat molds. Don’t let your health be at risk. Advanced Restoration & Company has years of experience in mold remediation and can help you get your home back in tip-top shape fast! Contact us today to get started on removing any dangerous molds that may be lurking in your home.

How to Check for Mold

  1. Look for Indicative Characteristics

Generally, mold has a fuzzy look, but it can also appear like a stain if it is on the wall or on furniture. It can appear in a white, brown, or black green color and gives off an earthy or a mushy smell. Paint bubbles and stains are signs that molds are growing within the wall cavity.

  1. Check the Entire House

Check the utility room, basement, small enclosed spaces, windows, places recently damaged by water, shower curtains, ceiling corners, air ducts, and vents.

  1. Use a mold testing kit

Mold testing kits come with instructions and instruments that will help collect samples of molds at home. After utilizing the kit, submit the samples to a laboratory for testing. If a mold only covers a small an easy to clean space; you or your family do not suffer from any health problems; or if it is in a material that can be easily replaced, there are do it yourself mold removal kits and products to remove the molds. When choosing this alternative, do not forget to wear protective gears and to put dehumidifiers to the infested area.