How to choose the best hair bundle


Virgin hair packets contain the most delicate quality hair on the market. Because most of the high-quality virgin hair is very costly for online selling, many women prefer to purchase only a limited amount of hair braids if they need products. Unfortunately, the plan isn’t as bright as it might seem.

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Buying one of the human hair bundles is a better commitment upfront, which helps in long-term savings. If you equate the price of our kits sold in a box with the prices of the kits sold individually, you can find that by purchasing them together, you will save more money.

What is virgin hair bundle?

All of our hair is pure virgin hair, the National Center for the Oversight and Quality Management of Hair Products and Hair Care Products passed the exam, and it has been confirmed that human hair is 100% chemicals-free. Virgin hair provides a luxurious, smooth, low-maintenance style that can last with the proper treatment for 8-10 months. This pattern seamlessly matches most hairstyles and is easy to dye, straighten, and restore.

When straightened, it’s returned to its original waveform by merely moisturizing the hair. Make sure to use sunscreen and use a 100 percent silk beanie or scarf every night to prolong the beauty time considerably.

How to decide which one to pick

Here we have the best options to pick one bundle. These are the most popular 3 bundles and a closure deals:

Brazilian hair

Brazilian hair is one of the most common ones on the market today. Because of its softness, strength and thickness, this hair is used in numerous ways. Brazilian hair with a lot of body and natural shine is very sleek and lovely. Brazilian hair also has a very long grip on waves. Hair is incredibly flexible.

Indian hair

Indian hair is wavy/curly, smooth, high-sheen, and frizz-free.

Peruvian hair

Peruvian hair can be smooth, wavy or curly, silky, it has a medium shine, and it holds the curly wigs looks.

Malaysian hair is wavy, silky, very glossy and holds a curl.

Choose Brazilian or Indian hair bundles whether you want a dense, complete look or maybe want to make a braid that will keep in a wave or curl. Try Malaysian hair bundles if you’d like a sleeker or straighter style.

How many bundles to buy

Depending on your natural hair’s length and thickness, you can require 1 to 4 bundles to produce the desired outcome. You should need two bundles for short hair and at least four bundles for long hair if you want to create a full rig. The longer the length, the more length you can have because longer hair tufts appear to get less thick.

If you’re going to travel longer (28 inches or more), we consider buying between 3 and 5 sets. If you intend to use shorter models (12 to 26 inches), there would be 2 to 3 bunches to do.


Washing your weave once a week is not only essential, but also, it’s very crucial to make the hair more hygienic. Mind to wash and condition your hair and keep it stable and safe when you’re about to cut your hair extensions

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