How To Choose The Best Solar Heaters

Solar heating makes the economy huge! Both in the reduction of the electrical expenses of a house and also of the raw material.

The solar heating system is very simple and functional. Through appropriate plates, it uses the heat of the sun to heat the water that passes through tubes and is stored in a reservoir. To better understand, read on.

What Is A Solar Heater?

One of the most responsible for energy expenditure is the electric shower. This is one of the reasons for recommending quick baths to save energy.

Solar heaters - how to choose

The solar water heating system provides a bath with warm water, without the need for electricity. The source of this heating is renewable, as it uses only the heat of the sun.

The operation is very simple. Through collector plates or solar collectors, the water is heated by sunlight throughout the day. There are several coils where the water passes until it reaches the ideal temperature. Then the heated water is stored in reservoirs, also called boilers.

This water heated by a solar heating system can be used in showers, taps, bathtubs, and anywhere else that needs water.

How Does The Solar Heater Work?

Solar plates are responsible for capturing heat and consequently heating. They are also called solar collectors, being constructed of stainless steel or copper. The first material is used in colder places, where frosts and even snow are common.

Inside these plates are the coils through which the water flows until it is completely heated. In turn, they can be made of copper or aluminum. It is necessary to have a good energy-absorbing surface, called fins. In addition, the coils need to be protected in a thermally insulated box and also a front glass to separate them from the external environment.

The thermal reservoir, or boiler, is where the already heated water is stored, waiting to be used. Finally, there is the auxiliary heating system, which consists of the installation of electric showers that serve as a support in case the heated water is not so necessary or even if the number of baths increases due to visits, for example.

In short, the heating process is this: the collector plates absorb heat and radiation through the fins. In turn, they heat the water in the coils that are later stored in the reservoirs and are ready to be used.

How To Choose The Solar Heating System?

The choice of the ideal solar heater model depends on some factors that need attention. There are two models: the coupled and the decoupled.

Coupled heaters can heat water that comes directly from the street. It has a more robust look and the reservoir is exposed.

The decoupled ones, on the other hand, need a higher water tank and in some cases a pump to circulate the water. In addition, the boiler is under the roof, leaving only the solar collectors visible. In this case, a detailed design is required to include the solar heating system.

Another important detail is the heating capacity. You need a system that is capable of heating all the water needed for a day and a little while. This guarantees a reservation and provides greater comfort and energy savings.

Hydraulic preparation also makes a difference when choosing. As well as the professionals who will install it.

Where To Buy The Solar Heater?

The solar heating system has become very popular due to all its advantages, such as preserving the environment and still contributes to the domestic economy. You can find it in various building supply stores, on specialized websites, and in large online stores.

However, it is important to take into account the model chosen and the brand. Also, consider that it will be necessary to hire good professionals to do the installation. In some cases, it is necessary to know the model and position of the solar heater before planning the roof.

Summing Up

Talk to the architect of your project or other professionals involved to answer the doubts you may be having. You can also ask for help when choosing the best system for your home and family.