Why Choose Python for Development?

There are quite a few different programming languages out there to develop custom software solutions and websites. From JavaScript and PHP to Java and HTML, the options are nearly overwhelming. However, there is one language that continuously ranks as one of the top choices for developers – and it has done so every year since its initial release.

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Python is one of the world’s favorite programming languages thanks to its variety of benefits, reputation for reliability, and overall flexibility. Python developers are more in-demand than ever and Python development services are some of the most requested IT services in today’s market. Companies are always on the look for these developers and even hire Python development outsourcing companies, such as BairesDev, to fill their development gaps.

The History of Python

Guido van Rossum - created Python
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Guido van Rossum designed, created, and developed Python in the late 1980s and finally released it in 1991. Initially, this project began as a response to the release of the ABC programming language from developers located in the Netherlands.

Python is a high-level, general-purpose programming language used for many different types of development projects. Van Rossum built this language with a focus and emphasis on the readability of the code for the benefit of the developers and their clients.

Readable, easily understandable code allows developers and engineers to build out ideas and fully express concepts with fewer lines of code when compared to other programming languages. This means that projects built with Python are much more streamlined and simplistic, which translates to a better experience for the developers and the clients.

While this simplicity and variety of programming paradigms make Python a favorite among developers working mainly within the enterprise-level sector, it has become a favorite among the dev community across organizations and business verticals. Python offers many features, including object-oriented design and imperative and functional programming, in addition to dynamic features, an enormous standard library, and assistive memory management.

Why Choose Python for Development Projects?

The language’s many benefits and efficient functions always rank it at the top of the list of development languages for software and website projects.

Developers choose to work with Python for many different reasons, including:

  • Python is free to use and will never cost anything. – Python and its supporting expansion set of tools, libraries, and modules are totally free. Its popular integrated development environments (or IDEs) such as Pydev with Eclipse, Spyder Python, and PTVS are all available for download free of charge. The Python Software Foundation supports this language to make it open-source and free to use for all developers.
  • There’s a huge online community. – A developer coding in Python is a developer supported by an enormous online community. If a dev encounters an issue or unknown error within their code, chances are that another dev has already found the solution to the same problem and posted it online. The language’s large online community of supporters and other programmers means that the functionality is constantly improved and updated while also offering quick support.
  • Python reduces development timelines and is easy to work with.

    If a developer has a basic knowledge of programming or another language, learning and implementing Python is easy. Check out dataquest.io to learn Python the right way. The language uses a human-readable format, which means that code is swift, user-friendly, and simplified. These features mean that Python makes the development process up to 10 times faster when compared to other programming languages. The object-oriented design and enhanced process control capabilities of the language help developers improve their productivity and speed. Its simplistic context and user-centric data structures make it easy for developers to both understand and organically write. With Python comes shorter timelines and fewer expenses for both development companies and their clients.

  • It features a lot of useful frameworks. – Python is an incredibly flexible programming language thanks to all of its popular frameworks that help make development quick and easy. A framework is a bundle of packages and modules that provide select functionalities. Devs use these frameworks to create application-specific software. Python’s robust offering of frameworks means that every developer will find something they need to make a project work.
  • Python tolerates mistakes well. – Developers aren’t perfect and, unfortunately, a majority of programming languages aren’t forgiving of mistakes. This isn’t the case with Python. Its easy readability isn’t the only reason why developers love this language. It also doesn’t break when minor errors and mistakes occur. This saves stress, time, and money in the long run.

Python has been one of the most popular and go-to programming languages since its release in 1991. It’s an open-source, free, secure, scalable, and forgiving language that allows for flexibility and offers many frameworks. Its large online community of dedicated developers is incredibly helpful when other devs get stuck on problems and need support. The language’s many benefits mean that it will stay ahead of the competition well into the future.

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