3 Keys Factor for Choosing Best Subwoofer

Having a subwoofer is a must for music junkies. A subwoofer is the kind of speaker that delivers bass. It’s a necessity to a well-rounded stereo and to that exceptional experience you want while listening to your favorite music or watching your favorite movie. But choosing the right subwoofer depends on your needs. And sometimes, it’s pretty confusing


If you choose the wrong subwoofer, your stereo could sound messy and your listening experience ruined. It could have the wrong specifications for the space that you’re placing it, or it might not have the proper ratings (if you’re using it outdoors or in a marine application). Don’t forget how much money you could waste on that wrong or bad subwoofer.

Worry not, this article will give you 3 key factors for choosing the best subwoofer. So that you can have an excellent listening experience and of course, save extra money for your other stereo equipment!

Choose Your Subwoofer with These Three Essential Factors

Choose the right Subwoofer Size

Size is definitely one of the most important factors to consider when you are buying a subwoofer. A suitable subwoofer should be fit for your room and your setting. It should also match the specs of the enclosure that you’re placing it in (if it doesn’t come with an enclosure). For example, if you buy a subwoofer for home theater, it should fit with your furniture but big enough so that you can enjoy a nice deep bass.

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Choosing the right size subwoofer is important for your listening experience and your setting aesthetic (Image credit: Y. Khalfalli – Unsplash.com)

But on the other hand, a small subwoofer won’t be enough for a large room or vehicle. In order to do this right, you have to measure your settings. Whether it’s for your home theater, car, or other application. Choose the best performance subwoofer that works best for that room size.

The internet has the best solution for you to find the best subwoofer size. You can use a subwoofer calculator. This tool could help you find the best subwoofer dimension and power for your setting.

Choosing An Eco-Friendly Subwoofer

Every bassaholic asks for a high-powered subwoofer when they buy a brand new subwoofer. Well, the fact is, high-powered subwoofers don’t equal optimal sound. Besides, a high power means energy waste and of course, it’s pricey.

Choose a subwoofer based on your needs. If you need a subwoofer for your car, which is small compared to a living room, choose a 100 to the 500-watt subwoofer. If your subwoofer doesn’t satisfy you, you can use a digital amplifier. A 100 watt powered subwoofer would sound 1000 watt bass if you do the digital amplification right.

Don’t forget to consider the coil number, sensitivity, frequency range, and impedance. Subs with good sensitivity could reduce the power requirement and save some energy. Impedance will be a key factor if you use an amplifier in your sound system setting.

Choosing low and energy-saving subwoofer is a wise way to enjoy music. You can also save your money and use it to upgrade your set in the future.

A Better Subwoofer Casing Equal Deeper and Better Bass

After you find the right power and size subs, the third essential key to choose a great subwoofer is the casing. The casing is a major factor that affects your speaker system sound quality. There are three subwoofer casings types in the market: sealed casing, ported, and bandpass enclosure. Different case material and type gives different sound quality.

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Sealed-casing subwoofer will be great for deep bass and clear sound experiment (Photo by Nazar Sharafutdinov on Unsplash)

If you want a deep and distortion-free sub, you can choose a subwoofer with a sealed casing. Sealed cases reduce distortion and noise and give you a clear and deep sound everyone admires. This subs type is best for enjoying bass music genres such as EDM and electro. Ported and bandpass casing is best for loud and thundering music. So, if you love rock or metal, ported or bandpass-cased subwoofers are the best choice.


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