8 secrets to choosing the right PC screen

Choosing the right PC screen is essential for your gaming performance or productivity at work. Unfortunately, many people select them at random. Whether it is to play games, watch videos, or for work purposes, several criteria come into play for a successful choice.

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Processing your PC screen

The monitors come in two forms. These are glossy and matte screens.


As for the first category, they offer a pleasant and very interesting display. The only downside is the unpleasant effect they produce in the presence of a light source. If you use your computer for work, staring into a glossy screen all day could strain your eyes..


As for matte screens, they are will not reflect bright images as much as the glossy options. This means that if there is a bright window behind you, it won’t affect what you see on the screen.

Before committing yourself, you should ideally talk to somebody about your requirements. Find a PC expert or speak to our partner Geeks Callout who will definitely help you make the right choice.

The resolution of the PC screen

In this context, the word resolution refers to how many distinct pixels can be displayed in each dimension (horizontal and vertical). Most screen sellers quote screen resolution as width x height, which stand for horizontal and vertical, respectively. For example, if the width is 1920 pixels and the hight is 768, you will see 1024 x 768 quoted.

Remember that computer monitors typically display significantly more pixels that television screens.

Screen size for PC

How big or small you want your screen size to be depends on what you are going to use it for and your own personal preference.

The 21-inch models are the smallest, while the average size is 34 inches. If these two models seem relatively small to you, you can go for larger sizes. If you wish to buy an All-in-One PC or iMac, we suggest go for the larger size.

The responsiveness of your PC screen

This is the time it takes for the screen to turn on or off 1 pixel of the monitor. When you want to watch movies or play games, it must be 5 milliseconds or less. For office use, it does not matter so much.

Intended use

As mentioned earlier, your choice of monitor depends on its intended use. Let’s have a look at two possible uses:

A screen for gamers?

If you primarily want to use your PC to play video games, 24-inch models are not suitable. The best choice would be an ultra-HD screen. This would allow you to have a clear view of your play area. You would also be able to dive into the virtual universe without any problem. Regarding the responsiveness of your screen, it should be below 5 milliseconds.

For office use

In this case, the screen size does not matter so much. You can opt for the one that suits you. However, 21-inch monitors offer you a panoramic format. If you like to open several windows simultaneously, i.e., two or three windows side-by-side, the larger the screen the better.

If your monitor is for work purposes, you should definitely go for the matte type. If you are going to spend several hours looking into the screen, you do not want to keep suffering from eye strain or headaches.

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