Choosing the Right Pet Plan

Right pet plan image 300000In most cases, pet plans are the best solution for pet parents who want to avoid financial distress due to expensive vet costs. The basics behind it are that you pay a premium per month, which in turn enables your access to reimbursement and coverage. Still, choosing the right pet plan is more than necessary to receive the best amenities for your pet. And this is no easy task to perform.

You need to assess various plans and providers, along with their customer testimonials and business approach. But with the help of nowadays tech, you can easily use a comparison tool and get additional information with the help of the internet.

So, to get you started and receive a quote from a pet plan provider, you will have to offer the following data:

  • Your pet’s medical history, along with a vet note that states whether or not your pet experiences inherited health problems;
  • Your pet’s breed;
  • The area in which you live, as the total price for your plan, will be established based on it;
  • Your pet’s age;
  • Risk factors that might lead to your pet experiencing a severe illness.

Most providers will make you choose between a standard and premium policy. And several pet parents want coverage for some issues. If your cat has diabetes, automatically the health plan will be only for this health problem. And if your cat gets heart issues out of the blue, this might not fail under the coverage you already have. Thus, it is best to check the policy before you get it, using such websites like Petinsurancefinder.

Think about your pet, his or her health, and requirements. Any health issues or accidents can take a massive toll on your finances. So, it would be best if you got the insurance that has a broad coverage for genetic health problems related to your pet’s breed. Keep in mind that older pets are harder to insure, as many companies either don’t cover seniors at all or simply ask you for a higher price. As a general rule, you should purchase a pet plan while your pet is still young to get the best quote and amenities.

Right pet plan image 430040302Why is it recommended to compare distinct pet plan providers?

The reality is that a pet plan can seem confusing, which makes it challenging to identify the one that suits your pet’s needs. This is why it is always best to use online comparison tools. It will get you a clearer perspective on what different policies offer you and how much you will pay for it. And the most helpful part is that there is plenty of free pet plan comparison online that gets you to access helpful quotes and affordable plans.

Why should you check customer testimonials?

Before you settle for a plan, you should look at customer testimonials, too. You can use websites such as Pet Insurance Finder, which will offer a broader view of a specific company with the aid of real customer reviews, free quotes, and transparent representation of the services provided. What other customers think about a company, having a bit of truth in it, and meaning you will get a deeper understanding of how a plan might or might not help you.

Stay clear of fake insurance testimonials

Of course, there are plenty of counterfeit testimonials online, which is why you should read as many as possible. And don’t focus on those reviews in which someone is battling the system. Look at smaller ones, too. In this way, you will get the bigger picture of how people feel about a service.

Research pet plans

It is always best to start by researching what pet plans mean and what they offer. Check the coverage and the additional services you might get. Request further information about deductibles or co-pays. Read the terms and conditions and verify if pre-existing issues are excluded.

What will get you to the vet’s office?

The most frequent motifs why dogs or cats require vet care include:

  • Foreign body ingestion – socks, toys, rocks;
  • Accidental poisoning – chemicals, chocolate, medications;
  • Animal and insect bites and stings;
  • Vehicle accidents;
  • Fights with other animals;
  • Cancer;
  • Bloat.

This is why pet insurance must feature:

  • User-friendly, online claiming requests;
  • Opportunity to opt for your preferred veterinary clinic;
  • Ability to select from distinct deductibles and coverage possibilities;
  • Lack of upper age restrictions, so that your senior pet can receive the same coverage;
  • Discounts offered for insuring several pets or for enrolling in an annual payment method.

The verdict: is it or isn’t it worth it?

If you are not convinced or simply if it doesn’t fit your household budget, you can always look for an alternative to pet insurance. You can save some money in a savings account. And you can use it in case of an accident, emergency or health issue that requires expensive vet care. The purpose is to have a backup plan so that you can get the best treatment for your furry friend!


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