Choosing the Right Podcasting Equipment That Strengthens Your Marketing

Today’s hottest content marketing trend is podcasting. Creating and hosting a podcast related to your business’s niche can be a great way to attract qualified leads to your business. One of the questions that newbies in podcasting ask is what equipment they need to get started.

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What Is Included in Right Podcasting Setup?

The podcast equipment covers a lot of gear. You can easily imagine a pro-level recording studio with fancy gadgets. The recording process can be made complicated or straightforward as you like.

Most marketers need simple podcasting equipment that is adequate to create an engaging conversation for the listener. In this post, we have covered some necessary equipment you require to create an audio show around your brand.

To make things easy, we have discussed tips to choose the right podcasting equipment that strengthens your marketing.


One of the reasons to buy specific equipment for podcasting is that you can’t use any microphone. If you want to invest in only one piece of equipment for podcasting, it has to be a microphone. According to experts, most experienced podcasters have a tough time deciding between the AT2005 vs. ATR2100 USB.

Audio-Technica is a leading microphone brand. Both AT2005 and ATR2100 USB are good microphones. These microphones shield you from surrounding noises, making your podcasts experience worth remembering.

The ATR2100 USB is a dynamic microphone with a frequency response of 50Hz to 15 kHz. The USB option allows you to connect it directly with the computer. The AT2005 is a good microphone for home studio recording, podcasting, and voice-over. It comes with XLR and USB inputs that allow seamless connectivity with recording devices.

If you want a detailed comparison between two, you can search for AT2005 vs ATR2100 USB on the Internet.


Quality microphones are essential in a podcasting setup. It gives you an idea of how clear your recording is and how well you sound to others. Investing in quality headphones would reduce retakes and save your time. The last thing you’ll want in your recording is hearing a background noise that affects the marketing message’s delivery. In some cases, background noise dominates your voice leading to wasted efforts.


Plugging your microphone into the mixer gives you more control over inputs, outputs, and sound levels. If your guest’s voice has a low tone, you can increase it through the mixer so that he/she is audible. A mixer is a crucial element of podcasting setup that can save lots of time while recording.

Call Recording Software

Marketers are known to invite influencers to talk shows to promote a brand. Not all guests can come to your recording studio. Most guests will dial through Zoom, Skype, or Hangouts. This is where call recording software comes into the picture. Most guest speakers or market influencers have a good mic, and all you need is good call recording software.

The success of a podcast relies on the presenter’s ability to connect with the audience. A vital part of this process includes the right equipment for the job. The post has listed all equipment and the role each device plays in delivering a strong marketing message through a podcast.

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