A Guide to Choosing Seeds for Growing Cannabis

As more people continue to include cannabis in their health and fitness regimen, the homegrown option has, in the recent past, tremendously increased. The joy of watching your marijuana plants grow is quite fulfilling, and since you know your product, you can consume it without a doubt of its composition. Growing cannabis, nonetheless, might be a little challenging for beginners, but it is manageable. As you consider joining the bandwagon and growing marijuana in your home, you need to familiarize yourself with the seeds.

While you could grow your cannabis from cloning, using seeds is the most straightforward approach that could offer the quality and yield amount in line with your needs.

As you hit the market for weed seeds, nonetheless, you need to be armed with the right information to ensure you buy viable seeds. While you don’t have to be a cannabis-savvy person to buy seeds, a little research won’t hurt to avoid going for an option that would only frustrate your endeavors. Below is a quick guide to help you make an informed decision as you shop for weed seeds.

Physical appearance

If you haven’t seen cannabis seeds up-close, choosing the best option can be a little tricky. There are three simple factors that you need to checkout to ensure that you select the right seeds. These are the color, hardness, and patters, features that you can tell by looking and touching the seeds. A healthy cannabis seed is typically darker in color, meaning that it looks either black, dark brown, or tanned pattern.

While shopping, therefore, you should stay away from weed seeds that have a green or light color. While you might be tempted to think that softer seeds would germinate faster, this is not the case. As you consider the hardness, only choose those with harder shells, noting that the harder the shell, the better the seed.

The pattern can help you to identify a good seed as well as its strain. Indica weed seeds, for instance, are characterized by a striped pattern and tend to be larger compared to Sativa seeds that typically come in a single color and smaller than the Indica strain.

The strains

The term strain, in simple terms, means the genetic composition of the plant. Marijuana strain is what characterizes a plant, and while they are all variants of cannabis Sativa, their distinct features affect their viability following your preferences. Let’s take a quick look at the primary strains you’ll encounter as you shop for weed seeds.


Tall and thin plants characterize this strain. The strain takes a more extended period to mature, but its quality yield compensates for the wait. If you are looking for cannabis products with an excellent high, then cannabis Sativa strain is your go-to option.


The strain produces short and bushy plants. Cannabis indica takes a shorter time to mature than the Sativa strain, but its yield is lesser. The quality, moreover, is best suited if you are looking for a relaxing effect as its high isn’t as good as the Sativa strain.


The auto-flowering strain is a popular option due to its fast growth rate. This strain grows faster as they don’t need a break during various phases. They consume light all-through, speeding up the growth rate, but at the cost of lower THC levels. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the component that provides the high, meaning that if you are looking for a product that can knock your socks off, this strain potency won’t deliver as much.


With various strains showing their strength and weaknesses, they are crossed to create a new variant termed as the hybrid. You might, for instance, want a fast-growing strain but with a high kick, and a combination of the Sativa and Ruderalis strains would deliver such characteristics. While there will be a dominating strain, hybrid option gives you the much-needed balance as you strive to capture the desired results within your manageable growing efforts.

Choosing the best seeds

Before hitting the market, there is another concept you need to understand; there are male and female seeds. The gender might feel like an unimportant consideration, but noting that only female plants produce buds is a significant factor. Without female plants, you can’t grow smokeable cannabis.

Grow area

Will you be growing your plants indoors or outdoors? Your grow area is a significant consideration, as some strains grow taller than your indoor space can accommodate. Moreover, if you are dealing with a smaller area, going for a bushy strain might cause some problems as they need enough space for each part to get light and proper aeration. If, for instance, you are growing cannabis outdoor, but space is not that much, going for the Sativa strain could be an ideal option.


As a beginner, you don’t want a strain that will constantly keep you on your toes. With the simplest mistake, such a strain could frustrate your quests. The auto-flowering cannabis, for instance, would be an ideal choice as they are not as demanding as the other strains, making it easier as you learn the ropes.


Your goals are a significant consideration while choosing weed seeds. If you are looking for the high, for instance, choosing the Ruderalis strain might not come close to the yield you desire compared to the Sativa strain whose THC levels are higher. On the other hand, if you are looking for physical relaxation, then the CBD-rich strain would be the best choice.

Choosing the best weed seeds is the cornerstone as you venture into homegrown cannabis endeavors. With the above insights, you are a step closer to making an informed pick and supercharge your quests by getting the best weed seeds online.

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