Cleaning Offices & Work Spaces To Be COVID Compliant

As we begin the third lockdown, and the government once again advises the UK to “work from home if you can”, it’s apparent that good hygiene has never been more important. While everyone has begun using antibacterial hand gel continually throughout the day, cleaning their homes and wearing masks as and when needed, offices and workspaces have also been asked to ensure their premises are COVID compliant and while staff is away, it’s the perfect time to ensure your workspace is cleaned as thoroughly as it can be.

More Than A Basic Office Clean

From the level at which this virus spreads, it’s obvious that a basic office cleaning routine will not suffice, and more action needs to be taken, with better measures put in place. To fully understand just what’s required, it’s a good idea to look at the difference between cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing.


Cleaning will remove surface dirt and grime such as dust, crumbs and some germs. They may, however, not necessarily kill those germs but removing them will reduce the spread of infection somewhat.


By using a chemical disinfectant, you’ll kill germs on surfaces as well as on objects; think desk equipment such as telephones and keyboards. In order to do this, you may need to leave the disinfectant on for a period of time in order for it to be effective. Disinfecting however, may not clean the dirty surfaces so cleaning will need to be carried out beforehand.


Sanitizing, in short means lowering the number of germs to what’s known as a ‘safe level’. Sanitizing can be carried out during cleaning, during disinfecting or for those wanting a high level clean to ensure their space is COVID-compliant, as a separate entity on its own afterward through the use of fogging sanitization. This will need to be carried out using the correct sanitizing solutions and specialized equipment.

What’s The Risk Of Coronavirus

Coronavirus is highly contagious thanks to the ease with which it can be distributed; through the air in minuscule droplets when people cough, sneeze, breathe or talk as well as via touch.

Being so contagious, with the infection rate at a level that we haven’t seen before in recent times, specialized deep cleans that not only clean but disinfect and ultimately sanitize your office and workspace are paramount.

It’s important that touchpoints and user positions are focused on with the right sanitizing solutions being used in order to ensure a bacterial kill rate of 99.999%. What’s more, it’s important that we begin looking at deep cleaning services like this, with a thorough cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization in one session, as a basic requirement that should be carried out on a regular basis.

While many offices do indeed have a basic office cleaning rota in place, going that extra step isn’t just a nice-to-have but a necessity, and using commercial cleaners who specialize in COVID-compliant cleaning is the best way to do that.

Contact Cleaning Express Today

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