5 Hacks For Cleaning Out Your Email Inbox If It’s Out Of Control

Email marketing has been an age old process for various businesses, no matter how big or small. It is really important for business owners to let others know more about their upcoming or latest major achievements. For that, they keep on sending you multiple emails. Most of the time, people choose to ignore those emails. However, if you ignore them for too long, they pile up and start slowing you down.

Email inbox image 494949494949Sometimes, within a span of a month, you may receive literally thousands of emails, mostly from these type of companies, i.e., businesses trying to promote their products, services, memberships, etc.

Cleaning out your email inbox by picking up each and every one of them is tiring, time consuming, and incredibly boring. You don’t need to spend so much time weeding out undesirable emails anymore. There are five major hacks available for cleaning email inboxes when they get out of control. If you use them properly, your emailer will never get out of control. Let’s have a look at some of them.

1. High time to use filters

In case you are making plans to use Gmail, you can easily create your own filter by selecting emails you plan to delete. For that, just click on the 3 dots on the inbox toolbar and select the filter messages using some simple steps. Right from there, you can filter messages according to attachments, subject, content, and even sender.

The Gmail tool makes it easy to delete messages from senders or those which contain specific words or phrases.

2. Get yourself some browser extensions

Some browser extensions are perfect if you want to choose, for instance, an email unsubscriber option. Clean Email, for example, is a name you can trust. It makes it possible and easy to unsubscribe from various email lists in one go. It further offers a boomerang option for email archived messages and can bring them right back into your inbox at a later time.

Other browsers will help you delete and respond to emails without opening the inbox. In its place, you will receive a pop-up with the email’s preview. Therefore, you no longer need to delve into your inbox to sort things out.

3. Don’t waste time to respond to vital messages

It is true that responding to major emails when they hit your inbox can feel like a tedious task. However, a tidy inbox makes for better work and prioritization, i.e., which emails are the most important, second most important, etc.

Try to avoid using email as a to-do list. In its place, you should actually use task management software like Trello or Asana to help you keep track of your “things to do” list and assign some tasks to other people. You can even ask others to use it too.

4. Try unsubscribing from lists

There are many times when a cashier might ask for your email ID when you make a purchase. On an impulse you may give it to them. It doesn’t take long before you to regret having done so. If you are one of those people-pleasers, then be prepared for a barrage of newsletter lists.

Try unsubscribing from all the irrelevant ones when they first hit your inbox. It might not help in fixing out the cluttered email inbox, but can save you a lot of trouble in the future.  According to the Federal Trade Commission, businesses by law must provide an “opt-out” option in emails.

5. Try working with the search feature

If you are not keen on the idea of using a filter to sort through your emails, or if the client makes it difficult for you, head for your email system’s ‘search’ tool. Type in the name of senders you don’t want messsages from and delete them. This may take some time, but it is faster than going through each email one by one and deciding which ones to keep or delete.

After reading this article, you should now have a better idea of how to manage or reduce clutter in your email boxes. Even if you have multiple inboxes, you can still follow the steps mentioned in this article.

The whole point of email is to improve how we work and boost productivity. Don’t let clutter and mess turn you email system into a nightmare.