How Cloud Computing and Software as a Service Platforms Work Together

They say cloud computing is the future of communications, and with more software as a service subscription models taking off, there is a multitude of ways consumers are latching on. With the instant delivery and storage of resources to users across the globe, the ease of networking and the lightning-fast speeds at which large amounts of data can be processed, there’s no limit to how far it can go in terms of managing what we do every day and making our tasks and routines easier.

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You might even be using lots of cloud solutions already without realizing it. By seeing how Saas platforms and cloud computing work in tandem, as well as how each service operates, we can understand the best ways to take advantage of the countless opportunities that they provide us.

What do they consist of?

Kind of like how a cloud up in the sky is made up of tons of water vapor and droplets, a cloud network consists of many computers working together simultaneously as if they were all a singular resource. So, while checking your email is something you would access on your tablet or desktop by yourself, it would actually be connected through the internet to a network of computers that are all working together.

SaaS, which stands for software as a service, is what allows individual users to connect to the cloud using the internet through apps, services, and games instead of downloading them directly to their PC. The complexities like data centers and networking are taken over by Saas providers so that there’s nothing in between users and the tasks they need to complete.

Custom SaaS development exists to create the portals that audiences will access through the cloud, no matter the size or load.

By accessing those services, users gain advantages like greater processing power running your software, so they won’t be limited by the slow speeds of their connections, the upfront costs are much lower compared to buying storage, and backups are far more reliable thanks to them being off-site.

How Do They Work?

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Two examples of how these work are film and tv streaming services. The movies on Netflix are stored on their cloud servers. Netflix, Hulue, and Prime Video, for example, operate on a subscription business model. Users pay a small monthly fee to access any movie or show they want from their TVs or mobile phones anytime.

Another example is cloud storage, where we can store and access our data through a cloud server, be they photos, videos, documents, and other types of data. The subscription models for services like Dropbox scale according to how much storage users need and come with added protection as well as other useful benefits.

With all the advantages that cloud networks and Saas services provide, and all the advancements in speed, processing, and storage happening so often, the future for productivity and connectivity is being energized like never before thanks to how both cloud networks and software as a service work hand in hand.


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