Have You Lost Your Teens? Do not worry: Cocospy Will Locate them For You!

Anyone with grown kids will tell you that when children turn to teens, they develop very different traits. That obedient, clingy, loving mummy’s boy or daddy’s girl suddenly develops a different personality and starts to live their own lives. Suddenly, they always seem to be on phone texting or social media commenting on and liking pictures. Let’s not even talk about the number of selfies they take. While before you knew where they were every single minute, now you never know where they are.

Cocospy 111When you start to observe the changes, this is the point at which you quickly realize that other than divine intervention, you may need an extra hand in monitoring what the kids are doing online, on mobile or at their social hangouts. You will also need a way of knowing exactly where they are every time, especially when you cannot seem to pinpoint exactly where they are. Of course, you could always ask, but the probability of getting an answer will be close to Nil. If this is your life at the moment, you will want to read on to see how to track a phone with Cocospy.

Why would you need to track the phones?

Technology is very good, but, unfortunately, some people use it for less than honorable intentions. Think about cyber crimes, cyberstalking, catfishing, cyberbullying among others. Teens can also try to see how far they can push boundaries and will visit places they are not supposed to go. Rest easy though; the Cocospy Phone Locator will make it easy for you to know where your teens are all the time thereby giving you much-needed peace of mind.

An employer can also benefit immensely from this app. We will explore this in a little more detail below.

Arguments for and against tracking kids

Is it wrong for a parent to track their kids? This question is not as simple as it sounds, and it would not be possible to give a straight YES or NO answer. For the parents, it is about safety while to the kids it is about privacy and autonomy.

The other downside to phone tracking is, if the child discovers that you are tracking them, it could lead to rebellion and resentment. Some say that making it a collaborative effort is a better approach. You can, for instance, agree with the kids that you will check on them remotely if they do not get home at a certain hour. But the reality is some kids have repeatedly broken the trust of their parents, therefore, requiring constant monitoring.

Whichever argument you stand by, it feels good to know that if you need to monitor your teen, you have an easy-to-use app on standby.

What makes Cocospy special?

Image phone tracking softwareSome of the critical things that make Cocospy special include:-

  • Cocospy is a mobile phone monitoring app that allows a parent to monitor their kid’s smart devices including calls, messages, social media use among others.
  • Unlike other mobile trackers in the market, you do not need to root or jailbreak your phone.
  • Some of the Cocospy features like the text message monitor for iPhones do not require the installation of the app on the phone. Monitoring uses iCloud information.
  • Cocospy is a brand that is recognized and endorsed by leading reviewers including Android Authority, CNET, Top 10 Reviews, Life Hacker, Forbes, among others
  • Further endorsement comes from the millions of happy subscribers who are already using the Cocospy app.

So what should the parents do?

Go on Stealth mode with Cocospy Phone Tracker

Parents need to go on the offensive and start tracking their kids using the very smart devices they are addicted to. And the best way to achieve any results is to do it without their knowledge.

Do you know how most apps leave an icon behind once the installation process is complete? Well, this isn’t the case with Cocospy, once you install the app on the target’s phone, remove the icon, and the target will be none the wiser. Since the app will not slow down the performance of the phone or use up the battery power, the target will never get an indication that anyone has tampered with the phone.

By installing the Cocospy Cell Phone Tracker in your kids’ phones, you will know all their movements and locations in real time. The Stealth feature will allow the app to run in the background without alerting the phone user that he or she’s under surveillance. Once installed, the app is not easy to detect. It will also not limit you on the type of platform you can use because it is accessible on both iOS and Android.

And, best of all, Cocospy is free!

How does it work?

What makes the Cocospy Phone Locator so efficient is that it uses GPS to let you know the location of the person using the phone. The use of satellite will give you real-time information anytime there is a change in location.

If the GPS information is not working for, monitor the phone’s WI-FI connection. You will be able to get its approximate location.

The phone tracker can also provide information using the time-stamped WIFI, and GPS data show you where your child, employee or other target has been within a certain period of times.

Cut out time wastage by workers

Most employers have to contend with the fact that employees spend work hours doing things that have nothing to do with work. This is especially true for staff members whose work requires them to be out of the office for an extended period including sales teams, drivers, and messengers among others.

Map 554433232The Cocospy location tracker will allow an employer to keep an eye on employees, thus ensuring they are where they need to be during work hours.

Final thoughts

Tracking your teen’s or employee’s movements via phone is a breeze with the Cocospy phone locator. Forget about complicated spyware, this easy to use, hard to detect free app is all you need.

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