Coinmooner for Token Listing | Is the CoinMooner Platform Safe To Use?

CoinMooner Token Listing Review

CoinMooner is a multilateral platform related to cryptocurrency and decentralized finance. To keep up with the development of the crypto market, the platform focuses on project analytics, token listings, and new crypto games – GameFi.

CoinMooner Platform Overview

When comparing websites with news about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, you can hardly rely on their fairness and objectivity. Today, the main issue is the lack of reliable verified statistics. CoinMooner strives to solve this problem with the help of modern technologies, data collection and analysis, and the creation of a crypto tracker and new token listing.

Key Features of the Tracker

Since its launch, the CoinMooner platform tends to popularize the crypto sector including tokens, games, state-of-the-art developments, and airdrops, and makes them accessible to everyone. It offers several functions that are available even for those users who do not have deep knowledge of the entire crypto sector. Let’s take a look at the CoinMooner features.

Coin Rankings

The List of Coins is a subsection on the platform’s website, which is a token listing ranked by popularity. There you can find promoted coins, each of which has a name and a symbol. Every coin has its own card, which includes a description, a chain address, regularly updated market cap statistics, and graphs showing the price change.

Add Your Coin

The CoinMooner platform offers an exceptionally simple algorithm that facilitates the creation of your coin. Now everyone can create their own token or coin and promote it to get into the crypto listing. On the “Add Your Coin” page, a user needs to fill out an open form. They should specify the name, symbol, price, chain, and addresses of contracts. It is possible to mention personal contact information, social media, and a description.

Promote Project

As the platform and its developers indicate, the promotion of projects, tokens, and games is their specialization, which has been the focus of attention since the launch of CoinMooner. It runs media and advertising 24/7 on several platforms like Arken and StaySAFU. A professional team manages traffic, advertises to increase projects’ awareness, and helps to establish KYC verification. Additionally, they offer smart contracts development by a team of blockchain analysts.


You might face a case when you get lost in the pool of proposals and new projects. Many of them are not verified or are unreliable. CoinMooner solves this problem since the platform offers a list of ongoing Airdrops – the releases of non-fungible token projects. Users may find current and actual projects with names and descriptions, the end dates of the drop, and possible rewards for each airdrop. You can also post your airdrop on the website.


One of the most popular tabs on the site is Games. It is thought out in all aspects; namely, there is a list of popular blockchain games in which players can earn assets or coins that have real rents. CoinMooner offers the possibility of promotion since each game has a card with basic information: description, videos, hyperlinks to the game itself or to the developers’ website, sponsors, and partners. Similar to the coin tracker, here you also can independently assess the attractiveness of the game by looking at the card.

What Is the $MOONER BSC Token?

The CoinMooner token was launched on October 27, 2021. The token was developed both for the local environment of the platform and for general use. The company tends to emphasize that the token has utility and can serve as an investment option. The symbol of the CoinMooner token is $MOONER; the total supply makes up 54,000,000.

$MOONER has gained trust and reputation among the crypto community because the developers concentrated on the real use cases and carefully planned the tokenomics. According to CoinMarketCap, the token has markable price fluctuations during the trading day and week but remains quite stable in the long term. The coin can be attractive for investors, as well as for scalpers and swing traders.


CoinMooner is trying to keep up with the times and develop in parallel with the crypto sector. Its main principle is the thoughtful integration and development of projects by implementing new token listings and providing a reliable tech audit. It also aims to make crypto fun and entertaining, hence GameFi. A brand with a reputation strives to provide its users with the best and help them as much as possible. Any query, question, or suggestion is handled swiftly by the team of developers. CoinMooner is interested in integration with other famous platforms and partnerships with the biggest Telegram influencers. We can likely expect further growth.

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