Coinrule Review

Engaging in trading, regardless of the type, means buying at a certain price with the hope of selling it at a higher price. However, achieving success in trading isn’t so straightforward; it relies on a multitude of factors.

And it’s almost certain that you’ll experience losses, or at the very least when you are trading you should anticipate them. The world of trading is intricate, involving complex elements like derivatives and market fluctuations. This is very evident when you dive into the world of cryptocurrencies.

So how do you mitigate some of the risks? There are many methods including a plethora of platforms and apps! One of those is Coinrule.

Coinrule is a solution-driven by algorithms. What it does is automate various trading strategies through the use of bots. In this Coinrule review, we’ll delve into the platform’s features, costs, user-friendliness, and overall value it brings, all aimed at helping you make a well-informed decision on whether it’s the right tool for you.

Pros & Cons


  • Free account
  • No trading fees for low-volume traders
  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • Great for newcomers to crypto trading bots
  • Works seamlessly with popular exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, and more


  • Lacks a mobile app
  • No internal community or strategy marketplace
  • Fewer features compared to some rival trading bots

What Is Coinrule?

Think of Coinrule as your clever sidekick for cryptocurrency trading. It gives you the power to take charge of your crypto trading game and even stand up against big hedge funds by using automated bots.

In simpler words, Coinrule steps in and manages your crypto trading activities for you. You can let Coinrule do the heavy lifting by automating your investments across different platforms, all without the need to know how to code or hire fancy traders to watch the markets and make investments.

Features & Resources of Coinrule

Coinrule offers various powerful features designed to enhance your crypto trading experience. From automated template strategies to backtesting and secure exchanges, Coinrule provides tools to navigate the complexities of the crypto market:

Template Trading Strategies

  • Trading templates crafted using technical analysis and market trading volume for better results.
  • Predefined rules and actions for each deal that ensure structured and consistent trading.

Coinrule Indicators for Rule Creation

  • Customize your automated trading rules or use demo exchange and rules.
  • Processes monthly trade volumes, providing insights into market pressures.


  • Backtesting assesses trading strategy accuracy with historical data, minimizing risks.
  • Establish precise strategy details, considering asset class and chart time frame.
  • Templates remain encrypted for security, allowing hassle-free strategy creation.

Secure Trading Exchanges

  • Has strong ties with major players in the trading market.
  • Supported cryptocurrency exchanges include Binance, Kraken, KuCoin, Cencius, and Coinbase.
  • Reliable trading data from these exchanges aids in creating better strategies for any crypto trader.

Crypto Trading Bots

  • Crypto bots gather data from a wide range of hedge funds, business communities, and top crypto exchanges (such as Alto IRA and iTrust Capital).
  • Beginners can explore the demo account before using the bot service.

Crypto Profit Calculator

  • Use the “what-if” crypto calculator to project future investments in cryptocurrency.
  • Calculates ROI for crypto transactions.
  • Five trading strategies available:
  • Choose an investment amount ($1 to $5,000) and time duration (1 month to 18 months).

How To Start Using Coinrule?

Whether you’re new to trading or a more experienced trader, Coinrule offers an accessible crypto platform that allows you to automate your strategies. Let’s walk through the essential steps to set up and start using your Coinrule account:

Creating an Account

  • Click on “Sign Up” at the top right of the homepage.
  • Complete the registration process by email address or sign in via Facebook or Google.
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Verify your email using the code provided.
  • Complete the KYC process with the necessary documents.

Note: Coinrule verifies data and allows only one account per user.

Connecting an Exchange

  • Add your preferred exchange through API keys by clicking “Add Exchange.”
  • Create and verify API keys and adjust security settings.
  • Return to Coinrule Dashboard and input the necessary data to integrate the API.

Creating Your Rule

  • To make trading strategies on Coinrule, click “Create Rule” on the Dashboard.
  • Use “If/Then” parameters for simple trading strategies.
  • Start with an exchange, specify events (e.g., 15% bitcoin price drop), and input buy/sell orders.
  • Use the “Timer” tab to schedule trades.
  • Check rule details in the top-right tab and hit “Launch.”

Coinrule Pricing

Navigating Coinrule‘s pricing plans is a breeze, whether you’re a crypto novice or an experienced trader. With user-friendly settings and a range of features, Coinrule tailors its offerings to cater to various skill levels. Here’s a breakdown of what each plan entails:

Starter Plan

  • Includes three criteria per action, two Live Rules, two Demo Rules.
  • Provides one Connected Exchange seven Template Strategies.
  • Supports up to $3,000 in monthly trade volume.
  • Additional exchanges are available through paid plans.

Hobbyist Plan

  • Priced at $29.99 per month ($359 billed yearly).
  • Offers three conditions per action, seven Live Rules, and seven Demo Rules.
  • Provides 40 Template Strategies and two Connected Exchanges.
  • Supports up to $100,000 in monthly trade volume, including Binance Futures.

Trader Plan

  • Priced at $59.99 per month.
  • Comes with five conditions per action, TradingView Signals with a free 30-day trial of a TradingView paid plan.
  • Offers 15 Live Rules, 15 Demo Rules, and unlimited (190+) Template Strategies.
  • Allows connection to three exchanges, with up to $1 million in monthly trade volume, including Binance Futures.
  • Includes one-to-one training sessions, live Telegram notifications, and TradingView integration.

Pro Plan

  • Priced at $449.99 per month.
  • Encompasses advanced features like unlimited template strategies, unlimited exchanges, and unlimited monthly trade volume.
  • Offers 50 Live Rules, 50 Demo Rules, one-to-one training sessions, Binance Futures, and leverage strategies.
  • Provides live Telegram and text notifications, access to the trading community, advanced indicators, and operators.

Coinrule Review – Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, Coinrule uses a user-friendly interface and affordable subscription plans which make it a great choice for just about anyone. Trustworthy and promising, Coinrule’s automated trading bot offers solid analysis and a satisfying ROI.

Whether you’re an advanced trader or a novice trader, Coinrule’s got what you need. Subscribe, let the automated guide do its magic, and take your trading to new heights. We hope our take on Coinrule’s crypto trading platform helps you a little in your decision making process so you can determine whether this tool is the right fit for you and your investment goals. Click here to sign up for Coinrule today.