Colon Hydrotherapy to Increase Bowel Movement

There are several secondary conditions that you could have if your gut isn’t functioning correctly. To guarantee the health of the immune system so that it stays in good shape, it is crucial to maintain GIT health. Toxin buildup, which can occur for various causes, including harmful bacteria, an unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthful eating habits, and many others, is the leading cause of most gut-related diseases. For more information related to colon hydrotherapy you can check the website A1 colonics.

Methods of cleaning bowel:

To effectively cleanse your colon, ensure you are getting sufficient fluids so your stool production strengthens and the feces eliminate all the toxic and undesired waste. However, if you desire a quick recovery, consider undergoing colon hydrotherapy, a widely used process. As the name suggests, this therapy centers around using water to moisten your colon, which ultimately aids in the more efficient removal of all hazardous substances. Your colon is being pushed through with a lot of water. To wash away all the poisons and waste chemicals from your colon, at least 15 to 20 liters of water should be used. Water is periodically pumped inside the colon to restore muscle action because these toxins deposit and the buildup reduces peristaltic movement. The fecal material removes all the toxins and chemicals when the patient spits out after the surgery. After receiving the procedure, there are a few dos and don’ts that you must adhere to;

  • To guarantee better results, you should boost your water intake after the surgery and two to three hours beforehand.
  • For a while, you should refrain from consuming excessive meat, particularly red meat. Fish and poultry are supposedly safe because they don’t strain your digestive system.
  • Some veggies, such as broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, etc., may produce bloating or gas. Avoid experiencing them right away following your treatment. 
  • Don’t consume spicy food straight after therapy because the therapeutic effects will somehow diminish, and you won’t feel as light and relieved. Instead, wait a few hours before eating anything spicy.

Sound effects of colon irrigation:

  • The intestines are involved in metabolism since it is how food is broken down and turned into energy. To prevent any disruptions in the distribution and absorption of nutrients inside the blood, the colon ensures that all metabolic wastes are eliminated in a balanced manner. Thus, this process aids in metabolic stimulation.
  • Food is processed in the stomach and intestines more efficiently and healthily as the metabolism and digestion improve. This ensures that waste is expelled from the body promptly and, to a certain extent, prevents the accumulation of fats and other dangerous compounds. As a result of everything, weight is lost.
  • Constipation is an excruciating condition. Colon hydrotherapy helps increase the movement of the bowel, due to which the water levels are maintained and the chances of constipation decrease.
  • Colon irrigation also helps people eliminate constipation as the bowel movement gets restored and the chances of constipation in the future decrease. 

Due to many reasons, including constipation, poor gastrointestinal health, and any primary ulcer, many severe conditions may start to emerge in the colon, which could lead to colon cancer. To avoid these, colon hydrotherapy is mainly recommended.