Tips For Choosing The Perfect Commercial LED Lighting

Choosing the right type of lighting for a commercial space is one of the most important factors that needs to be considered carefully. When a commercial space has poor lighting, the environment may not feel comfortable for those working there, as well as for the customers that are visiting. The right colors and design could promote a better work atmosphere and create a positive impact for both customers and employees.

Commercial LED lighting 33333If you’re designing a commercial space or redesigning an old one, companies such as Total Lighting or Smart Ligting Industries, have a wide range of lighting products that could work for you. Below are some tips on how to choose the perfect lighting.

  1. Choose Eco-friendly Lighting

More people are more aware and caring about the environment. Many have started in small ways, such as not using single-use plastic and trying to lessen their carbon footprint by buying electric cars instead of gas or using the train when traveling long distances instead of riding an airplane. These same people would greatly appreciate it if the establishment they work for also cares about the environment as much as they do. This can be done by choosing more eco-friendly products that are being used in the workplace.

Customers are also most likely going to patronize a business establishment that cares about the environment. More people will hear about your business through social media because of these choices. Thus, choosing commercial LED lighting is going to be one of the best decisions you’re going to make as it uses less heat and recyclable materials, which are non-toxic.

  1. Color Temperature

A light source can be warm and cool. White light, however, has three different categories. It can be cool, warm, or neutral.

Contrary to what many believe, color temperature is not about the heat that’s being emitted by a lamp, but rather its color level. When the Kelvin temperatures are higher, like at 3600- 5500 K, it is considered to be cool temperature. However, when it’s low, around 2700 – 3000 K, this is considered to be a warm temperature. There’s a higher contrast in cool light. Warm light has lower contrast, which makes it more visually appealing.

Warm lighting works best in stores and other retail spaces as it’s flattering on the skin and clothes. It also makes the entire space look more comfortable and inviting. Cool lighting, on the other hand, creates the illusion of space.

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  1. Light Layering

Layering some LED lighting is one of the best solutions for commercial spaces. If you simply opt for bright lights and install them everywhere, this will not only make the establishment less appealing, but it could cause eye strain as well. When you layer light sources, and then you use contrast, the entire space will have more depth and will look more interesting.

You can do general lighting – also referred to as ambient light. You can then put accent lighting, then task lighting, and then decorative lighting last. You can do these by balancing the lights. You need to pair lamps that have the same color temperature. You can also add some dimmers so you have control on the energy being used.

However, keep in mind that if you have old dimmers and you want to use them, they may not work with the new LED lights.

  1. Bulb Sizes

There are many bulb sizes that you can choose from. However, you need to choose your bulb sizes depending on the size of the commercial space. If it’s big enough, you can use bigger bulbs. But, if it’s not too big, small-sized bulbs may be ideal.

It’ll look awkward if you have big bulbs in a small space. If the space is big and you don’t have enough lights, this will result in poor lighting, making the space look uninteresting and dull.


When it comes to lighting, people can be too eager. They make so many mistakes that could cost them a lot of money in the end. When you select lights without planning, you’ll end up getting the wrong color temperatures, sizes, and design. You tend to ignore the budget and end up buying stuff you don’t need or buying the wrong type.

On the other hand, when you’ve planned all the details, you’ll know what to purchase from the beginning and where to purchase them from. Remember that buying the cheapest products doesn’t mean saving you money. You can also end up spending more if you have to change the lights after a few months.

These tips will help you plan the lighting on your commercial space properly.


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