Commercial Solar Street Lights For Paths, Carparks and Roads

When a municipality or business needs lighting for paths, carparks or roads, it can be an expensive undertaking to run the wiring and have these lights installed. The main reason is that if there is not already wiring in place, there is extensive trenching and wiring set up that is required to make these lighting options work well for these specific applications. Most businesses and municipalities are on a budget and this type of expense is not allowed for in that budget. In particular, when these structures are installed, lighting is not always taken into account. Lighting is one of the most important features for pathways, carparks and roads and so it is often a problem that must be solved on time and on budget so that residents and business owners alike are happy with the outcome.

Solar Options for Commercial Applications

When it comes to city streets, car parks and pathways or wherever lighting is required, solar powered options are a very popular option. This is something that is being sought out worldwide because there are so many options available from styles, designs and durability. Most solar lighting systems are available with a column or without one and there is also the option of motion detectors to preserve battery life. LED technology is extremely powerful and can illuminate a very large area from sundown to sunup through the use of timer technology. There is no need for bulbs to be changed out making this option a good one because there is very little maintenance required to keep this lighting operational.

If lighting systems are currently in place and there is a desire to switch over to solar, then many solar lighting providers also offer retro-fit systems that can be attached to existing posts and lighting set ups which will save even more money in the long run since columns and posts cost extra for materials and installation. Many solar lighting companies also offer installation if it is required and this is a very good option to accept because they are familiar with how to install the lighting modules correctly so that they will operate optimally.

Best Uses for Commercial Solar LED Lighting

Commercial solar LED lighting is best for parking lots, businesses, pathways and street areas that need better lighting where commercial solar bollards are often seen. This lighting option is off-grid and does not require trenching which can be costly, particularly where there is concrete or pavement in place. Digging up established areas can be costly, particularly if it needs to be replaced.

What’s So Great about Solar Lighting?

Solar lighting is your opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint when you make the switch to use this clean, renewable and green source of energy. Solar lighting is a cost-effective, long-term solution which optimizes the energy efficiency of any commercial property, municipal application or local business. Solar powered lighting in parking lots helps you to protect your business and offering safety to pedestrians and to customers. The solar powered lighting in a parking lot is a reasonable solution for lots that have already been paved and require some lighting.

Solar Parking Lot Lighting Systems

Solar parking lot lighting is ideal when you want to add lighting to an existing parking lot. When you install the best high quality LED fixtures and add solar panels, you will be able to access the most efficiency along with total savings. Solar lighting systems provide the most reliable lighting when you are dealing with narrow or wide areas and need lighting that can stand up to even the harshest weather conditions.

What are the Features of Solar Lighting?

Solar lighting fixtures often have a wide range of fixture options available for those who need to install these fixtures. The lighting is very high quality and is basically plug and play, no complicated installation or maintenance required. Commercial solar lighting is suitable for a wide range of applications including carparks, roads and pathways. This type of solar lighting is optimized to match the location that it is installed in. Most solar lighting is engineered so that it lasts at least twenty years.

The lithium batteries designed for the solar lighting usually retain an average charge of 80% as the sun sets. The main solar panel can be larger to capture more energy and must be tilted to the correct angle to collect enough solar energy throughout the day. Some Australian locations such as Cairns and Brisbane are closer to the equator and receive a generous amount of sunshine during the daylight hours whereas other locations including Hobart and Melbourne receive less sunshine during the winter hours because they are located further from the equator. The reasonable answer to this issue is to install a larger solar panel.

Once installed, solar lights are autonomous and adapt to hot and tropical climates alike. Solar light fixtures are suitable for installation along dark roadways, carparks, driveways and walking pathways. The electronic system contained in solar lights assists the lighting in operation by following along with the battery charge. You can easily program the lighting to suit your needs. Solar lighting is easy to install, can be installed in moments and does not require any connection to an electrical outlet. Solar lights often last more than 10 years and require not maintenance. The best part about these lights is that once they are purchased there is not more associated cost. The lighting is permanently installed without the connection, the installation work and the electrical bill.

When it comes to municipalities, the cost savings of solar lighting is significant. When lighting is required for multiple locations and is installed with wiring, electrical costs can be quite high. The option of solar lighting saves tens of thousands of dollars and it helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the municipality too by capturing the readily available energy from the sun. The solar lighting is operational right after it has been installed because the battery comes with a small charge to allow for this. Once the light is installed, it will be able to obtain future charges from the sun.

Solar panels are designed to repel dust accumulation and to retain power. They are heat resistant and are effective in tropical and arid climates. Solar panels work well with a wide range of applications including trails, paths, car parks, highways and roads.

How Does a Solar Street Light Turn on and off?

As the sun sets, the voltage of the solar panel will drop and that will trip the controller to turn the solar light on. When the sun rises, the solar panel voltage will increase and this trips the controller box to turn the solar light off.

How Does a Solar Parking Lot Light Work?

During the day, the photovoltaic solar panel is struck by photons. Electrons draw down the photons and are routed to DC power then stored inside of the battery. The electrical components contained in the light have sensors that sense when the sun is down below the horizon. This trips the electrical management system to alter the energy flow from the battery and redirect it to the light fixture.

The commercial solar powered car park lighting is the best way to decrease electrical bills. These solar lighting systems are one hundred per cent off-grid. The system does not require trenching which is costly. Having to dig up existing concrete or pavement to install wiring is expensive and this will lead to an enormous expense that may not be able to be recovered in the future. Contacting a company that specializes in solar lighting set ups can help you to get your system up and going without too much effort. These companies understand what the needs are when you tell them what you are looking for. Solar lighting companies know how to calculate the right configuration for the set up you need.

Another important consideration when it comes to solar lighting is the solar conditions that occur in your local area. When you are purchasing a solar lighting system, you want to be certain that you are purchasing the appropriate system configurations with regard to the specific conditions where the lighting is to be installed.

Do Solar Street Lights Work During the Darker Winter Season?

One concern that you might have is whether or not the solar street lighting that you install will work during the shorter days of the winter season. The solar lighting system will not have as much time to charge up when the sunlight is not as long as it is during the bright summer months. The fact is that solar lighting systems are outfitted with a battery that keeps the lighting going for up to three full nights and the requirement to recharge the solar panel is just one fully sunny day.

Commercial solar street lights are an ideal solution to lighting when options are limited. Instead of spending extra money to trench areas and add electrical wiring, these stand-alone options can be quickly installed and moved very easily to just about any location. Solar street lights are cost effective and work for many difficult locations.

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