Common Misconceptions About Bongs and Their Functionality

What is a bong

The number of people who have started to consume and smoke different types of herbs and weed has increased over the past decade. As people have started to feel more attached to smoking these herbs, companies that produced smoking devices started to increase their product lines to include many different types of smoking device substitutes. 

One of these substitute products is the bong, which is also known as a water pipe. The water pipe is used by many people because of the aesthetic feel that it provides; in other words, people who have started to use water pipes enjoy the smoking experience more compared to people who use other devices. 

As people started to demand more bongs from companies, these companies started to develop and produce different types of water bongs that provide the target segment with a wide variety of products. For instance, since bongs are large products, many people started to look for small water bongs that provide the same things as a normal sized water bong does. So, before deciding on which bong to purchase, smokers should research to understand which type is the most suitable for their liking. 

What components make a bong

A bong is composed of many different parts and components; however, as there are different types of water bongs available, people might find some parts that exist on certain types but are not included in the others. 

Firstly, since it is called a water bong – the base of the bong is usually the chamber where people are required to fill with water before smoking. The water chamber allows the smoke to circulate inside it, which will make the smoke more cooled off. However, it is essential to know the exact measurement of water that a bong needs to be filled with to get the best of the smoking experience. 

Second, since people are required to set up the bong by themselves, the bowl piece is used to store the types of herbs that people wish to smoke during a hit. This part is also a necessity for a bong; however, it is essential to grind the herbs before storing them inside the bowl piece to get the most out of the flavor during a hit. 

On the other hand, the tube and the mouthpiece are also necessary parts of a bong since they allow smokers to inhale the smoke. 

What are the different types of bongs

When it came to developing new types of bongs, many UX designers of production companies were able to achieve high success rates. 

Nowadays, when looking for a bong, people will be able to find bongs in numerous sizes. In addition to the sizes, people are able to get different types – for instance, the ice bong, which has an additional compartment to store ice. 

On the other hand, many companies allow customers to customize their bongs upon checking out to allow them to invest in a personalized product, which has a positive effect on increasing customer satisfaction.

Thus, when purchasing your first type of bong, make sure to look for all the benefits before making the investment. 

Common misconceptions about bongs:

1- Only experienced smokers can use a bong

Many people think that using a bong requires skills from smokers, and thus, only experienced smokers can use the tool. This is the most widely spread misconception since using a bong for the first time requires people to get hold of the tool and understand how it works. 

After learning how to use a bong, everyone will be able to use it – no matter whether they are experienced smokers or not. 

2- Using bongs is illegal 

Using bongs is not considered illegal; however, some areas prohibit the usage of certain types of herbs that can be smoked using a bong. So, when you want to smoke using a bong, try to understand which types of herbs are legal in your country and only use those to smoke. 

3- There are no differences between each type of bong

As mentioned above, bongs come in many different types – each type is unique on its own as each one is designated to provide people with different features.

4- Bongs are specifically for certain types of herbs

Even though some people only use certain types of herbs to smoke with a bong, usually, most types of herbs can be used to smoke with a bong as long as they are inserted into the bowl piece accurately. 

5- Cleaning bongs is a complex task

Cleaning water bongs is an important step of using a bong as it gets rid of all the residue that builds up due to the smoke passing through the tube. So, some people ignore this step since they consider cleaning a complex task. 

However, this is not the case, as most bongs can be disassembled – which will allow users to clean it effortlessly.  


To conclude, bongs have become some of the widely used smoking methods, and there are many controversial misconceptions surrounding how a bong is used. However, these misconceptions should not be believed unless an individual has had an experience with using the product.