Common Types Of Motor Vehicle Collisions

Accidents can happen at any time with anyone. Most studies have concluded that usually people get involved in car accidents when they are near to their home or office.

Motor vehicle collisions may be the result of speeding, reckless or unsafe driving, negligence, using your mobile phone while at the wheel, or driving a vehicle that is in bad condition. In virtually all cases, crashes occur when we least expect them.

Different types of motor vehicle collisions - car crash - traffic accident
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Car accident lawyers have experience litigating many types of accidents that have different criteria for each person they are representing. In this article, we will discuss the type of car accidents that lawyers deal with on behalf of their clients.

What Type of Accident Have You Experienced?

Lawyers who deal with motor vehicle collisions, car damage, and human injuries are known as personal injury lawyers or personal injury attorneys. They are specialized in tort law, which covers compensation for injuries, material damage, loss of wages, etc. The other party may be an individual, company, or government department or agency.

If proven guilty and at fault, the other party has to pay the cost of repairs or replacment vehicles plus compensation for injuries, etc.

Here are some of the most common traffic accidents that lawyers deal with:

Rear-End Collisions

This type of accident occurs when a car hits the back of another vehicle – the one in front. This may happen if you have to slam on your breaks suddenly, i.e., do an emergency stop. Alternatively, you may slow down while the driver behind you is distracted and crashes into you.

The risk of a rear-end collision is greater if a driver is too close the car in front. We refer to this type of bad driving as tailgating.

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The car behind is invariably at fault in a rear-end collision-type accident. This is the case in all countries.

Side Impact Collisions

A side-impact collision occurs when a vehicle comes in from the left or right and hits, for example, your car door. Passengers sitting by the damaged door are at greatest risk of serious injury, or even death.

Some people refer to this type of traffic accident as a broadside or T-bone collision. If you are looking for information on these types of collisions, visit Fine, Farkash & Parlapiano, P.A.

If a car is hits your vehicle hard from the side, it may roll over (see the next paragraph).

Vehicle Roll Over

Vehicle roll overs are commonly seen in Hollywood movies because they look spectacular and terrifying. In a vehicle roll over, the car may end up upside-down, on its side, or the right way up. In all cases, it has tipped over.

A vehicle roll over may occur without hitting another car. If you drive too fast and try to take a sharp turn, your car could flip over, especially if it has a high center of gravity such as a truck, bus, van, or SUV.

Injuries to the body in this type of accident can be serious, especially if the driver or passengers are not wearing seat belts. In most countries across the world, drivers and passengers must wear a seat belt.

Head-on Collision

When the front ends of two cars crash into each other, we call it a head-on collision. If the two vehicles are traveling at high speed, the risk of serious injury of death is high, especially if the vehicle has no air bags or they don’t work.

If you are about to buy a car, especially a second-hand one, make sure it has airbags and that they are in working condition.

If you crash your car into a tree, that is not head-on collision, because the tree was not moving towards you before you hit it.

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