What are the Common Myths About Coffee and Why No One Should Believe Them?

Myths about coffee image 1121221It’s waiting for you in the daytime, you enjoy it on your way to work, and you sip it during your lunch break, and you are willing to stand at these horribly long lines at Starbucks to get it.

What can it be?

Coffee. It’s with you every day. Men and Women around the world love their coffee. We start our mornings and crave it throughout the day. Is it dependence? I believe it’s love. When it comes to coffee, there are many myths surrounding this powerful drink, but many of the myths are just due to widespread misinformation. 

Here we will debunk some of those myths, so that you will be able to enjoy your coffee next time around.

Myth 1: Coffee can help you lose weight

Many people think that coffee is some sort of magical drink that will make those additional pounds disappear. Hate to disappoint you, but coffee will not make you any skinnier. With that being said, it does have the ability to decrease your appetite for brief periods of time.

Also, studies have shown that it can help increase your metabolism. Nevertheless, these variables can’t do wonders with your excess weight. They can be useful throughout your weight loss journey, that is for sure. However, coffee alone will not help you get rid of extra weight. 

Myth 2: Coffee makes you dehydrated

This myth is one of the most common ones out there when it comes to coffee. Try to think of a time where you have had actual dehydration symptoms after drinking a cup of freshly brewed java. I’m sure it has never happened to you. Here is the deal, the myth of coffee being dehydrating is probably connected to Its diuretic properties.

Yes, coffee makes us visit the toilet more frequently than we usually do, but it doesn’t really dehydrate our body. In fact, coffee is a liquid and actually counts as a part of your everyday water consumption.

Myth 3: The brewing temperature does not matter

When it comes to coffee many people out there think that brewing temperature does not affect the taste of their coffee. Well, I hate to break it to you but coffee really does have an ideal brewing temperature. The best temperature to roast coffee is approximately 200 degrees, but why is this the best temperature? The answer to this common question is actually quite simple.

The best temperature to roast coffee is approximately 200 degrees because this is the temperature at which point the coffee beans break down and release the most flavour. Brewing your coffee to cold can leave your cup of coffee tasting weak and bitter. Next time you make a pot make sure you brew at around 200 degrees to ensure your coffee cup is packed full of flavour.

Myths about coffee image 3389398938ddMyth 4: Coffee will stunt your growth

Drinking many cups of coffee every day will not harm you, provided that you stay within the limitations of as much as 4 cups per day, then you’re totally safe. Have you ever heard someone ask if coffee stunts your growth? Well, this comes from an older commercial by a famous coffee substitute beverage manufacturer called Postum.

Back at the start of the 20th century, the business used advertisement slogans like”Safe for kids since it won’t stunt their growth!” To sell their merchandise and, of course, to convince parents that coffee is pure evil. However, there is absolutely no scientific proof that java can actually slow anybody’s growth. 

Myth 5: Coffee must be stored in a fridge or freezer

Although your refrigerator can keep your food fresh, coffee isn’t food. Coffee beans don’t like heat, light, and moisture. While There’s no heating and barely any light on your fridge, moisture is a massive issue. Every time you open the freezer, then take the java container out and place it back, there is a temperature shift. Plus it causes moisture to appear right on your coffee container. What happens next? Your java beans lose their freshness, flavour, and just start going bad.

So, you may be wondering, “Where should I keep my coffee?” The very best location is the airtight container positioned somewhere in a darkened cupboard away from any heat sources like your stove or kitchen. Trust me, this way, your coffee will taste great.

There are many questions and myths when it comes to coffee. It is important to understand that not all the things you hear about coffee are true. Just because other people believe does not make it true either. Make sure you do your research before jumping to any conclusions about coffee and remember, coffee will not stunt your growth.


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