X Common Video Marketing Mistakes That Can Cost You Conversions

Videos contribute greatly to the marketing content present on the web.

With hundreds of millions of hours of video content being watched every day, the need for creating actionable video marketing content arises. And businesses do pay attention to video marketing. However, the results don’t come easy.

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Every video marketing campaign needs to be mindful of the techniques that it uses and the mistakes that it might make.

In this article, we are discussing X common video marketing mistakes you must steer clear from.

1. Doing It For the Sake Of It

Watching your competitors create engagement generating videos may encourage you too to step down in the field.

However, if that is the only reason why you are creating a video, it’d be better to take a moment and ask yourself:

  • Is the video script making enough sense?
  • Is it worth the amount of time and money?
  • Would you have watched the video and liked it in relevance to the offer?
  • Is the video serving any marketing purpose? If yes, what is it?

By asking yourself these questions, you may be saving your money, time, effort and brand reputation.

2. Being Highly Influenced By a Specific Style

While recording or developing your first marketing video, the chances of being overly influenced by an existing popular creator are high.

There’s nothing wrong in being inspired by a good marketer. The problem arises when the influence is deep-rooted and evident.

This can disturb your video campaign in two ways:

  • Firstly, your audience is probably going to identify and pinpoint the resemblances.
  • Secondly, by being primarily influenced by a specific video marketer/creator, you may be setting an unjust bar on your creativity. If you approach video marketing with no such restrictions, you can have endless possibilities.

3. No Call To Action

You might have created a great video that can get most of your audience’s attention, but if it doesn’t have a CTA, in the end, your viewers will be left clueless.

The CTA of your video tells your viewers about what their next action can be.

For example, if you made a video as part of a brand awareness campaign, in the end, you may want viewers to connect with you through your social media channels.

Or if the video is for boosting your company’s sales, you may consider adding a buy now CTA in the end.

Without the right CTA, your video marketing campaign will be incomplete.

4. Creating Videos That Just Won’t End

Many of us might have come across videos that start excitingly. That surely makes us want to watch the rest of the video.

However, in some cases, the video just refuses to end.

Let us admit, people of this generation are generally busy. They may not always have enough time to watch a ten-minute video, and if it’s a marketing video, in most cases, it can be cut shorter.

If you want to create an impact and ensure that your viewers watch your entire video, keep it short, optimally between 60-90 seconds.

5. Trying to Include Everything In One Video

Conveying your primary message clear in the video is important. However, going over the top and telling unnecessary details about your company, employees, product design, office location etc. will purposelessly stretch the video.

Also, this will distract the audience from the purpose of the video. Your brand’s message will not be conveyed properly.

Have a crisp script with a clear message to avoid such mistakes.

If you are entirely new to video marketing but want to launch a successful campaign, a reputed digital marketing consultant may help you.

Closing words

Your video marketing campaign’s success depends on various factors. Going wrong with any of them can be costly for the campaign. In this post, we discussed a few mistakes that must be avoided while implementing a video campaign.

Hopefully, this was helpful.

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