7 Great Companies That Hire Remotely

In today’s increasingly wired world, it is easier than ever to get work done wherever you may be. This accessibility has led to a surge in remote employees as both workers and employers realize the financial and emotional benefits of working from a home office.

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If you want to jump into this flexible type of employment, read on for more information about how to make this work for you.

Benefits of Working Remotely

It is no surprise that there are distinct advantages that working remotely provides over other types of employment arrangements. Financially, remote employees see an immediate surge in their bank accounts when they are not spending money commuting to their desks.

You will also save money by eating at home for lunch and not having to buy as much professional attire. Remote employees also enjoy the benefit of flexible working hours. This flexibility delivers a much more satisfying home and work-life balance as you are able to balance the needs of a family with a career.

These seven quality companies are good choices when looking to start a career working remotely:


This digital product design platform delivers an exceptional user experience with a host of intuitive tools and processes. InVision connects all elements of the entire product design workflow to create a seamless experience for its users.

Unique features such as the digital workboard make it easy for team members to collaborate and move forward with new ideas. As a completely distributed company, InVision allows its employees to work from wherever they desire. InVision hires for a variety of skill sets and interests including positions in design, engineering, sales, finance, marketing, and product management.


As the world’s first single application designed to provide for all stages of the DevOps lifecycle, GitLab promotes and supports collaboration and productivity across all layers of a team. GitLab is a fully remote company, that encourages its employees to embrace a flexible working style. The diverse team employs remote employees from all over the world. GitLab hires people with skills in engineering, development, marketing, business sales, product management, and more.


This CRM (customer relationship management) specialist helps you to streamline the sales process and boost your business. As the only CRM with built-in sales automation, Close keeps you organized, manages your workflow, and keeps you on top of your pipeline for maximum efficiency. Close offers a variety of remote positions from customer support roles to product designers to engineers. The company boasts a flexible work schedule, competitive salary, and the ability to choose your own equipment to meet your personal preferences.


Zipline offers modern tools for retailers navigating business in today’s connected world. The cloud-based software is mobile and desktop-friendly, giving you maximum flexibility and easy access.

The unique communications platform is designed to specifically meet the needs of retailers. Communicate with your team across multiple locations, manage inventories, and track store execution. Zipline hires remote employees from all over the world. The company offers positions in marketing, sales, engineering, and more.


Billing itself as the world’s number one roadmap software, Aha! is a growing company ready to expand. This tool helps business leaders to set strategies and collaborate with others in one central workspace. A variety of pricing models lets companies customize their software to meet their needs.

Aha! is able to integrate with a variety of popular business apps such as Google Analytics, Slack, Rally, Salesforce, and Microsoft Azure DevOps. Aha! offers fully remote positions in the fields of marketing, customer support, engineering, writing, and product development.


This innovative software company assists businesses with all aspects of their DevOps. Honeybadger is an application health monitoring tool that helps you ascertain how your site is running and assists in correcting mistakes as they happen. The system sets up in mere minutes, automatically hooking into popular web frameworks with ease. Honeybadger is a small, fully funded company that is always looking to grow its workforce with remote employees.

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