Company Incorporation in Hong Kong: What Foreigners Need to Know

To grow your business to success, one of the most important things is registering it in the right jurisdiction, and Hong Kong is one of the best.

For years, World Bank has ranked Hong Kong at the top of the Ease of Doing Business list and you can expect to grow your enterprise rapidly. As an offshore investor, here is what you need to know.

Benefits of Opening an Offshore Company in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an offshore jurisdiction with a pro-business administration that is always looking for better ways to help investors succeed. This is why it has become the number one destination for investors from all over the world. Here are additional advantages of opening an offshore company in Hong Kong.

  • Straightforward tax regime.
  • A large and educated workforce.
  • Hong Kong is strategically located in the heart of Asia.
  • Hong Kong serves as a gateway to Mainland China.
  • It enjoys enviable economic stability.
  • Well-developed infrastructure

Simply put, Hong Kong has everything that offshore investors would wish for when planning to expand their business.

Things to Consider When Incorporating a Company in Hong Kong

When you decide to incorporate an offshore limited liability company in Hong Kong, it is important to know the following:

  1. In Hong Kong, foreigners are allowed to be the sole shareholders and directors of their companies. This implies that you will have greater control over your business, including how to use the profits
  2. The Companies Ordinance allows you to register a company in Hong Kong without travelling there. You can do this by identifying and working with a professional firm to register the company on your behalf. Note that although you can register a company without travelling to Hong Kong, you may be required to travel there to open a bank account for the business.
  3. If you do not intend to move to Hong Kong, you can run your company from abroad. Indeed, even the transactions that are completed away from Hong Kong are not taxed on the island.

How to Incorporate a Company in Hong Kong in Only three Steps

To help investors who want to move to Hong Kong take advantage of the high-potential jurisdiction, the process of registering a company is simplified so much. Here are the three steps to registering a company in Hong Kong without travelling there:

  • Step One: Identify a good company incorporation agency to help you register your business. Then, send your details, including the preferred business name.
  • Step Two: The agency will help you to prepare most of the documents, get a good office, and even recruit a resident company secretary. The good thing about company registration firms is that they can also act as your company secretary and address, helping you to cut the cost with a huge margin.
  • Step Three: Your selected agency submits the documents to the company registration office. Once the certificate is issued, the agency will mail it to you immediately.

When you decide to open a company in Hong Kong, the best method to go about it is working with experts.

They have the experience you need to prepare all the required documents professionally and register the company fast. Reach us on this website to get more information registering your offshore company in Hong Kong.

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