Company Review: Reaching an Extra Mile in Your Trading Career Through Wize Caps

Company Review - WIZECAPS

Online trading in forex, commodities or else could be highly risky if it is done without any help. But this does not mean that one should not pursue his trading career because there is risk involved in it. As a matter of fact, being humans, we take risks on daily basis and that is which makes us humans.

However, in trading, these risks can be minimized but it will not be wrong to suggest that in order for anyone wishing to start his career as a trader, he is required to hire a brokerage firm which is fully capable to apprising the trader how the trading works and what strategies are required to be a successful trader.

There are plenty of online brokerages, some well-known and some average as well as those who are only so-called brokerage. Yet there is one very special online trading brokerage firm whose traders have been contributing in the field of online trading and reaching an extra mile in the online trading industry. That brokerage firm is famously known as Wize Caps.

Wize Caps was established on the strong foundation, the basis of which were its sheer commitment to deliver what it has promised for and the aim to excel and adapt in accordance with the changing trends and technological advancement. One can also encounter those brokerages who though make tall promises and false claims but when it comes to delivery, they fail because all were lies.

However, is not like these because from the day of its launch, it has grown immensely where the number of customers continue to grow rapidly on daily basis. If it wasn’t up to the standards and its commitment then in no way it would have been able to retain most of its old customers and keeps on attracting new ones. For anyone to make up his mind about entering into business relationship with Wize Caps, it is important to first have a look at the features which have been offered by Wize Caps.

Glancing into the dynamic features

For any intended trader what is most important from any other thing is the “features”, which have been offered by an online brokerage firm because to determine whether the brokerage firm is or is not the perfect brokerage for him, the features being offered by the brokerage can help the trader make up his mind.

For example a trader come across an online brokerage who is making tall claims but when the trader looks into its features, they don’t look quite promising. However, the features made available by Wize Caps are dynamic as well as in accordance with the international standards that are required to be followed by some of the leading brokerage firms of the world.

Let us have a look at them one by one.

  • End-to-end Security Protocols

The first most obvious feature to note at the platform of Wize Caps is providing of high level of security because now a days security is one of the biggest concerns for all the traders because there is a history where huge number of people have been ripped off of their funds, investment and assets due to lack of security.

Keeping in view this ever-growing concern of the worldwide traders WizeCaps has made sure that its customers can conduct their trading in an atmosphere free from threats and distractions while availing high level of security protocols for keeping their assets and funds secured.

To give an example, what Wize Caps has done is that its website is based on 256 bit encryption which safely means that whatever information, material, data or transactions are stored or contained on Wize Caps’ website, it is fully secured through encryption by applying complex computer languages to it. Similarly, the funds deposited by the traders with Wize Caps are ultimately deposited with the most reputable banks of Europe for ensuring the safety of funds.

  • Wide range of trading products

While most of the online brokers provide trading in just one or at best two products because their platform is not capable of handling more than that. However, the situation with Wize Caps is completely different because Wize Caps has an extra advantage over other brokerages and allows its customers to trade in multiple trading products such as forex, stocks, indices, commodities as well as cryptocurrencies while also making sure that he is able to explore multi-dimensional trading markets available in the global markets.

  • Discretion of trader to choose account of his choice

Again there are only a handful of traders who provide multiple accounts choice to their customers. To the contrary they only have one and in case they do provide more than one account, then the initial deposit that is required to sign up with a trading account is kept at so high or so low that instead of creating any balance, they become suspicious and doubts are created about the credibility of the brokerage.

Nevertheless, Wize Caps has excelled as one of the best brokerage firms in the online trading industry which offers multiple account choices such as Beginners, Intermediate and Expert accounts which can be signed up for Euros 250, 5000 and 20000 respectively.

All these three accounts have been designed in a most profound manner in order to full the requirements of each and every trader type and each account has additional distinct and dynamic features than the other which also include access to most lucrative assets, one-on-one live sessions, online live webinars and online academy as well as free daily market research reports, dedicated account manager, expert advisory and access to live trading room.

Other important aspect to note about these account types is that the process of signing up of any trading account with Wize Caps is very simple and does not require to submit too much information or paperwork. Similarly, the initial deposit can be deposited through multitude payments methods such as Debit/Credit Card, bank wire transfer, UpayCard and Moneynet. The only restriction is that Wize Caps does not allow receiving payments through any third parties under any circumstances whatsoever.

Regarding withdrawal policy, Wize Caps has made sure to make the process of withdrawal as simple as possible so as to provide convenience to its customers. At the expense of providing a very less information such as account holder’s name and account number etc., withdrawal is possible in a single click after verification through email.

The funds can then be transferred according to the special request of the trader via credit card, wire transfer or other alternative methods. Otherwise the withdrawal is a big issue with other brokerage firms which results in loss of business and dissatisfied clients.

  • Bonus Offerings

One unique and distinct feature of Wize Caps is that it offers various bonuses to its customers depending on its discretion which are usually awarded as promotion policy at the time of signing up with a trading account.

These bonuses are offered in accordance with the percentage of initial deposit of the traders which are valid for one year approximately and can be withdrawn subject to trading LOT volume and time. However, it may be noted that these bonuses are subject to certain terms and conditions which, if not fulfilled, may jeopardize a customer’s entitlement to the bonus.

  • Unique set of trading platforms

For being able to conduct online trading successfully, it requires the use of technology based trading platforms which if not provided by a brokerage firms then their customers will not be able to cope with the ever-expanding/changing trading industry and will not allow the customers to participate in a fair competition with other traders. It is therefore of utmost importance that the customers of any brokerage firm are provided with the latest trading platforms so as to give them the same amount of opportunity as is available to any other trader belonging to a top notch brokerage firm.

Currently in the trading market the most popular trading platform for conducting and executing trading transactions in multifarious assets and securities is known to be “MetaTrader4” (also known as “MT4”) which is without a doubt the most preferential platform amongst online traders community due to its being user-friendly, effectiveness, reliability and above all it also has many powerful and modern trading tools which, for the time being, are not available in any other trading platform of the world.

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While a trader of Wize Caps can easily access desktop based MT4 platform, yet the trader can also use Web Trader, which is again another very powerful trading platform and can be used directly without the need of downloading it to a device. Similarly, in order to keep up with the time, Wize Caps has made sure that its customers can download apps on their mobiles to use and operate their trading accounts maintained with Wize Caps to reap out benefits at the will of the trader.

  • 24/7 available Customer Support

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In today’s world, client’s satisfaction is everything. If a business entity does not give priority to its customers, no way its business will thrive. Today the companies take this matter very seriously and try their hard to keep their customers satisfied.

Any person who wants to be a part of Wize Caps can be rest assured that Wize Caps provides 24/7 customer support to its customers where highly qualified, highly trained and vastly experienced personnel remain at the disposal of the customers of Wize Caps so as to help the customers in getting rid of the problems that are being faced by them in a professional and efficient manner.

This customer support team of Wize Caps can be contacted by the customers through various sources which include telephone, email, livechat as well as through contact form. The replies are normally instantaneous without any delays.

  • Providing of Meaningful Resources to Investors

Providing a trading platform for its customers is not the end of the matter for Wize Caps instead it provides meaningful data to its traders which contains overview of trending trading events, up to date news and information which can then be utilized by the traders to arrive at a strategy which is based on logic and rationale.

A trader of Wize Caps can also access the online academy maintained by Wize Caps in order to educate its customers in learning the pros and cons of trading. There are several learning video tutorials made available at the website of Wize Caps which if understood in their true sense can certainly help a trader to master Wize Caps’ trading platforms and could be great source of acquiring knowledge to enlighten trading skills of the traders. Similarly, there are technical analysis indicators provided at the website of Wize Caps for the use of its traders.

  • Policies

Irrespective of whether a person is or is not a customer/trader of Wize Caps or that he is only a visitor visiting and browsing the website of Wize Caps, such a person can be rest assured that whatever information he had provided during his time with Wize Caps, remains strictly confidential between the person and Wize Caps only and Wize Caps takes full responsibility of any unwanted event.

Then there is this AML policy which is “Anti Money Laundering”. Wize Caps being a regulated and responsible business entity strictly follows the AML policy in letter and spirit and does not allow anyone in any circumstances to go against this policy. Wize Caps strongly condemns the act of money laundering and fully support AML policy because Wize Caps feels that money laundering is the menace of society and everyone is responsible to do whatever it takes to eliminate this evil from the society.

Bottom Line

In the end, Wize Caps started with the purpose and aim to serve people and even today it is serving in the best interests of its worldwide customers. Today, it is a brokerage firm which is lauded by all and appreciated by its competitors and has transformed itself into a one-stop brokerage which offers industry leading products and services. Wize Caps is ahead of its time and certainly, those who are part of it, and those who want to be a part of, would absolutely reach an extra mile in their trading careers.

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