Competitive Business Essay Topics Ideas to Write Successfully In 2022

Business and economics are areas that many people love. Every essay in the business area needs the writer to assess something specific, such as the essay’s requirements and purpose. Strategic and analytic aspects are some things that you will do in such essays.

If you are in a business school, you will need to write an essay on different topics. Such include the finance, economics, management, and marketing areas. Each essay has to be unique and answer a specific question that there is a needed answer to.

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Style of the business essay

Business essays are unique because of their style of writing. The difference from the other essays is that they do not dwell much on the descriptive aspects. Instead, they need the writer to conduct market analysis and collect data concerning business trends in most cases.

Another approach of the essay is to solve a problem. But, of course, such a problem has to relate to a specific business problem directly. A good example is when you need to answer a question related to marketing and promotion to boost sales.

Business writing needs good research skills. You will reference the theoretical frameworks and get facts from reliable sources. The relevance of the essay comes when you meet the correct answer to the question at hand.

Business ideas and topics for essay writing

Every single aspect that comes with the selection of the topics is essential. It is a process that involves note-taking. Various business fields are critical to getting the best topics to write about.

You will assess the broad topics and then narrow them down to the minor and specific issues in the same area. A good instructor will give more time for the students to understand the business areas well and generate compelling topics. We shall highlight each area with the topics that you will conveniently find.

Argumentative essay topics

There are many essays that you can generate from the argumentative areas. Some include;

  • Is sole proprietorship better than partnerships?
  • Is merging businesses in a startup a good idea?
  • Do you need to exploit the market to get profits?
  • Is labour exploitation suitable for the maximization of profits?
  • Are test markets a credible source of responses?
  • Do the loyalty ratings of a company depend on the worker’s turnaround?
  • Higher salaries are more motivating to workers?
  • Does innovation distinguish leaders from followers?
  • Self-improvement and learning are good as it improves leadership?

Business management essay topics

Another area that many people will love to stake is business management. Overall, management knocks on the door at this point. Some of the topics to do include;

  • Should employees strictly adhere to the organizations dating policies?
  • What are the techniques for the evaluation of workers’ performance?
  • What are the best ways for employee motivation?
  • What policies should organizations use in staff promotion?
  • What are the effects of business downsizing?
  • Should an organization treat its employees equally?
  • Describe the rules that guide the dress codes of offices and workplaces.
  • Explain the sexual-related harassment in workplaces
  • Explain why productivity goes hand in hand with conducive working environments

Business ethics essay topics

Business ethics is an area that still needs a lot of research. Essays in this area have more concern with how good businesses should be done. Some of the topics to cover include;

  • Should businesses have hidden charges for services
  • How much should companies include in products after production cost?
  • Does word promise matter in business?
  • Is gender equality an important consideration in business
  • Is it reasonable to change the quality of the product after it hits the market?
  • Should workers get a room for taking care of the babies in workplaces?
  • Should marital status matter in the payment of salaries


Business essays are the most competitive, but some subjects and topics have more competition. Therefore, write an effective essay; you can choose any topic from the ones above. In addition, we are here to offer help if you have questions or need our help in essay writing.

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