Complete Gainesville Roofing Guide – Things to consider

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Roof maintenance should be on the top of your home maintenance list because replacing the roof before it attains its full life can be too costly. Since roofs are so expensive, ensuring that it lasts the designated life helps recover the cost, and replacing it early will be a substantial financial burden.

Therefore, you must exhaust all options of a roof repair before deciding to replace it. It is impossible to live with failing roofs because it can lead to bigger damages to the roof structure and the entire building.

Knowing the signs of roof damage early will help to avoid an untimely roof replacement. At the same time, a proper repair can extend the roof life to ensure that you get the right returns from the investment, say the experts of Energy Roofing Companies.

Here are some signs of roof damage for asphalt shingles roof that you must be familiar with to help in the early detection of roof damage. Since asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material in the US, it makes sense to learn about it first.

Worn out shingles

A glance at your roof will help to detect worn-out shingles that peeps its head from the other good ones surrounding it. Worn out shingles are eyesores as they damage the looks and even expose the roof material to other damages like water seepage.

Worn out shingles typically lose the coating of colored granules that impart protective properties to it. Also, if it can resist moisture, the lack of reflective granules will allow heat to pass through the roof and increase the temperature inside the home. This will increase the air-conditioning, and as the underlying asphalt becomes bare, it will soon dry up and crack, thereby raising the possibilities of a leak.

Cupped and curled shingles

Shingles might buckle with time and tend to curl, which creates gaps between the shingles and allows the air to reach the roof deck and the structure underneath. Not only curled shingles look bad, but it poses bigger problems by making way for moisture-laden wind and air to damage the roof. If you overlook the problem, it can rot the roof structure and cause leaks to compel you to replace the roof.

Cracked shingles

Take no chances with cracked shingles and replace it immediately because any delay will only increase the chances of moisture getting inside the roof and causing significant damage. Leaks are also possible due to persistent water exposure to the roof material. The roof deck also becomes susceptible to damage due to moisture.

Leaking roof

Even if the shingles remain intact and do not show any signs of damage, the chances of water leaking through the roof cannot be ruled out.

Good looking roofs that appear healthy might be leaking. Beyond the shingles, look for damage to the entire roof structure, which constitutes flashing, deck paper, starter shingles, moisture barrier in valleys and vent stack boots, and other components that may have undergone damage due to aging.

Lastly, if you want a new look for the roof, replacement is the only option.

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