Why Compliance Posters Are Important In Your Business

Labor or compliance posters are more than just a norm in the business industry. Whether people in the workplace give it a second look or not, this is still important to have. In fact, in most cases, this is a mandate of labor laws. Albeit only an insignificant poster that many just pass by, these serve an important purpose.

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The compliance poster informs workers of their rights under the law. Apart from merely being an informative piece of paper for the employees, it also helps the employers stay in compliance with the laws.

Why are compliance posters necessary in the law? Read through the reasons below.

  1. Ensures Compliance With The Law

This first reason is one of the most important ones as to why compliance posters are necessary.

Having these in your work premises ensures that your business complies with the law, through your labor law posters, for instance. Else, you may find yourself in trouble with the authorities when they do inspections for your business. Perhaps, even some employees will report that these posters aren’t in a conspicuous area of the workplace.

Depending on where you’re from, penalties are given for this infringement.

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  1. Safeguard Against Company Policy Violations

Compliance posters don’t only work in favor of the employees. They also have a role to play for employers.

For one, it acts as a safeguard against company policy violations. Through these posters, all the employees are also made aware of the company policies. This lessens the risk of having employees violate any company practice.

Here are ways on how simple compliance provides this kind of safeguard:

  • Creates very little room for error
  • Posts in precise detail what the company allows and doesn’t allow
  • Avoids problems that would’ve otherwise risen without signage
  • Creates transparency as to HR Laws and Regulations
  1. Easy Updating When Laws Change

Compliance posters are ordered; the government doesn’t provide them. Companies don’t also make them internally, except for their individual company policies. This comes with good reason, though.

The businesses that supply compliance posters have a uniform poster created with recent updates in the law. It’s their duty to be up-to-date with the state’s labor laws, for instance. That way, when the laws change, everyone in the workplace is equally updated.

Examples of the required aspects of the law that should be posted include the following:

  • Employee Rights
  • Employee Polygraph Protection Act
  • Migrant And Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Under The Law
  • Minimum Wage Requirements
  • Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Paid Sick Leave For Federal Contractors
  • Employee Rights Under The Family And Medical Leave Act
  • Notice To Employees Working On Government Contracts
  • Job Safety And Health

This list, however, isn’t comprehensive, depending on which state you’re from. To be certain, do check with your local state laws as to the compliance posters required.

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  1. Creates A Higher Motivation To Comply

This motivation to comply works as a win-win for both the employer and the employee. In cases of disagreement on matters, such as the wage, there’s a clear cut basis as to what the agreement was.

For example, agencies that are auditing businesses need to spot-check posters from time-to-time to ensure that the employer is also complying with the law. In the case of a claim that an employee was paid lower than the minimum wage, the employer also has the duty to show and prove that the required information is posted.

  1. Provides Key Points Of Protection For Employees

Apart from merely providing the rights of your employees, compliance posters also contain information regarding key points of protection for your employees.

Through this, your employees will also feel like you’re better concerned about their welfare. An employer that cares for their employees won’t be afraid to post hotline numbers and other contact information of the proper agencies that their employees can run to in case of a dispute.

Through compliance posters, it puts the employers and employees on an equal footing. They know better what they must do for each other to ensure a harmonious working relationship.


Federal and state regulations require workplace notifications and posters to be spread all over the workplace. From the reasons enumerated above, the bottom line is for everybody in the workplace to be well informed of their rights and even their responsibilities.

For a peaceful and healthy relationship in the workplace, everyone must be on the same page. While it may seem useless to some, remember that workplace compliance posters are always important to have; this is something not to be neglected by businesses.


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