Comprehensive guide to understand about socket sets

A socket set is used by mechanics to loosen, tighten, and remove nuts and bolts in vehicles and machines. These socket sets range from entry-level to professional-grade, so every trade requires a generic socket set or spanner set for the most basic duty and maintenance operations, regardless of skill level or money. Socket sets are useful for saving time and energy when completing tasks, therefore eliminating the need of spanners.

These socket sets range from entry-level to professional-grade, catering to a wide variety of skill levels and budgets, making them an indispensable tool for any work. Each set comes with a protective case for convenient transport and storage. Let’s know more about it before you buy a socket wrench in Australia.

Free Advice on Choosing the Right Socket Set

A socket set is made up of a variety of tools and accessories. It is necessary to understand the various tools and their features in order to select the best Socket Set. Keep the following considerations in mind the next time you need to purchase a Socket Set.

Inches, Metric, and SAE

While earlier domestic automobiles frequently employ SAE, Metric, or standard-sized sockets with measurements in inches, most current vehicles mostly use metric hardware with measures in millimetres. Depending on your needs, pick a metric or SAE set, or keep both in your garage to guarantee you always have the right tool for the task.

The socket set’s drive size

Sockets for both metric and SAE measuring systems come in three drive sizes: 14-inch, 3/8-inch, and 12-inch. Each requires a unique ratchet handle as well as other accessories such as extension sets. For smaller drive sizes, smaller sockets are utilised, whereas bigger sockets are used for greater drive sizes. If your socket set only has one drive size, pick one that will cover the majority of sockets. However, both the smallest and greatest drive sizes perform well.

Bigger 12-inch drive sockets are needed to accommodate higher torque and are perfect for larger fasteners requiring a longer ratchet.

Socket Set Benefits

A 12-point socket has the benefit of being convenient and simple to use. It may be slid onto the hardware in any of 12 locations, making alignment easy. While 12-point sockets are adequate for most light and household tasks, six-point sockets are used for bigger hardware applications requiring significant torque. In this case, six-point sockets are less prone to slide.


Ratchet handles and accessories such as extensions, universal joints, and drive adapters are included in some socket sets. A professional socket set can comprise up to 300 pieces of equipment, including spanners, pliers, hammers, Allen keys, tiny nut bits, and other tools that make up a complete socket set. If your toolbox lacks ratchets and extensions, it may be more cost-effective to purchase a socket set that includes these essential tools. An extension is highly suggested for reaching nuts and bolts that are difficult to reach by hand or are located in unusual locations.

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