Consider These Pointers before Buying LED Grow Lights

Everyone has the desire to grow different types of plants and greenery around in their house. But, not everyone gets optimal sunlight around in the house or their gardens. If that is the case for you, LED grow lights are considerably a better option. Not only do they work well during the winter months, but they also work equally well when you are handling growing sensitive plants.

This article will give you a quick rundown of the best grow lights in the market. However, what kind of factors should you look out for? We have sorted out some of the best pointers to look out for.

Ascertain the types of plants

Before anything, you need to sort out the kind of plants that you are growing. It could be the highly sensitive plants that need direct sunlight for optimal growth or it could be some other types that need focused LED grow lights for light cycle manipulation. Once you are certain about the kinds of plants that you want to grow, it becomes easier for you to find the kind of conditions they best thrive in. Knowing that can help you plan things accordingly.

Know the available area

Not every grow room or greenhouse is big enough to fit in grow lights of the highest intensity. In such cases, you must find the grow lights that match with the available requirements in your grow room so every plant in the room gets the desired amount of light that it needs to grow without any kinds of interruptions.

Consider the durability

Another factor worth considering before investing your money in LED grow lights is durability. You want to invest in options that are not just good-quality in terms of the light’s intensity; you want to invest in options that won’t disappoint you when it comes to the casing and the rectangular box they are fitted into. If the construction isn’t durable and sturdy, chances are that you’d have to consider changing them every few months.

Consider the PAR

PAR or the Photosynthetically Active Radiation is another factor worth considering when you are buying any kind of grow lights. Typically, this is the degree of sunlight that a plant needs to grow optimally without any direct sunlight. So, if your plant requires a heavy dose of sunlight throughout the day, it is a given that you have to invest in lights that have a high PAR to support that need.

Optimal cooling system

One of the worst things that you could experience in a grow light system is a lack of ventilation. Given that these lights are switched on for 12-18 hours a day, not having optimal ventilation will reflect on the credibility of the product. So, having an option with an optimal cooling system in the grow light system is considered ideal. If they overheat, you are going to end up having to face issues with their functionality.

Focus on quality

There are LED grow lights under $30 and then there are options priced above $100. Before making any purchase, you must prioritize quality over anything else. The last thing you want is to end up spending a meager amount, only to end up with poor quality choices. Always do your research and spend your money on quality choices.

LED grow lights have revolutionized the way we grow the plant indoors. Not only has it made the process extremely manageable, but it has also made some of the most unattainable tasks easier, especially if you live in areas with no access to direct sunlight. We hope this article makes your purchase process easier.

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