Understanding Consumer Behaviour: How To Build A Repeat Customer-base

Consumer behaviour repeat customer-baseToday, in a world dominated by Facebook, Google, and Amazon,  a consumer has a myriad of options to choose from. Start searching for a product online and you’re likely to come across 10,000 different avenues providing you with the same product. With countless brands and products hitting the market every single day, it is important for brands to make their presence felt.

Satisfying the needs and wants of your customers forms the heart and soul of a business. Today, marketing isn’t just a buying and selling exercise. Contemporary marketing practices are all about providing consumers with an ‘experience’ that they’ll never forget. Today,consumers want to ‘experience’ convenience. They want all products to be delivered to them at their doorstep.

As a business, you need to provide your customers with what they want. Otherwise, they won’t return.  This can be ensured by undertaking comprehensive will help you in knowing your customer 360 degrees (inside-out).

Here are a few tips that’ll come in handy.

A simple buying experience is the best

Retail marketing is all about consumer experience, while E-commerce marketing has a lot to do with providing consumers with a convenient shopping experience. This can be ensured by having User Interface wherein all of your products are classified within segments. You can have a separate segment for each category. This will help make a consumer’s life simple. He won’t have to scroll through each and every category in order to find the product that he needs to buy. For instance, there can be a specific listing for electronics and consumer durables within the drop down menu. Similarly, FMCGs, metal products, and office wear can also have separate listings. A user is likely to return to your website if he finds your site to be user-friendly.

Your return policies need to be liberal

If you’re running a startup that has just come into existence, then you need to provide your prospective buyers with a reason to visit your website. A host of E-commerce platforms enable users to return purchased products.Startups in their infancy also support cash returns to make customers feel valued. Some of the most established players within the market also provide easy returns and cash refunds in order to maintain and foster their goodwill. It certainly isn’t a big deal to understand that customers order goods frequently from E-commerce portals having lenient return policies.

A range of payment methods

Different people have different preferences. Some people have this habit of paying for goods and services using online payment methods, while others prefer using conventional means such as COD. According to reports, The total transactional value within the digital payments segment stands at  US$64,787m (2019). A customer will definitely want to return to a website if he can order goods and services easily. Ease of access does matter. Take this for an example: If a user comes to know that all of the payment methods( online and COD) are easily accessible on your platform, then he’ll definitely shop on your website. This will help him save a lot of trouble.

Engage your customers

It is important to engage your customers using a wide range of initiatives. In case a customer isn’t satisfied with a particular product or service, then you can get in touch with him/her over social media platforms to ask for suggestions. Con tests can also be held (they are held) and offer customers an opportunity to win free giveaways. Make them fill short and crisp questionnaires. This will help you keep track of all the improvements that need to be made.

To draw the curtains

All of these tips might appear quite obvious and kiddish, but these can go a long way in ensuring that your customers return to your website again and again. As stated earlier, it is all about providing customers with a rich experience.

Video – What is Consumer Behaviour?

Consumer behaviour refers to everything that affects consumers’ purchases, selections, and quests for products and services. Watch this Market Business News video to find out more.