Consuming CBD: How to choose a delivery method that’s right for you

When CBD first hit us, the noise we heard was all about the oil. CBD oil this, CBD oil that.

But shortly after, other means of usage started hitting the markets like candies, tinctures (hemp soaked in alcohol), and vape.

Not too long after that, CBD topicals became a big deal. For those who don’t know, topical refers to products such as CBD cream, CBD lotion, CBD balm, CBD ointment, and even CBD bath bombs.

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If I may ask you, how does one choose from this boatload of options? Imagine you’re new to the world of CBD, and you want to give it a try, how do you choose from this wealth of options?

To be honest, it’s really confusing.

That is why we came up with an article like this to help you decide which CBD delivery method is right for you.

Popular CBD delivery methods

Shopping for CBD online on platforms like Gold Bee’s CBD products will expose you to so many forms of the compound such as:

  1. Edibles (gummies, capsules, etc.)
  2. Sublingual (oil, tinctures, etc.)
  3. Topicals (cream, lotion, etc)
  4. Vaping & Smoking


Edible delivery method refers to any method that allows you to ingest CBD directly. That could mean adding it to food, baking it with cake, chewing it like gum, or licking it like a lollipop.


This method refers to any delivery method that allows you to apply CBD directly to the capillary-rich areas in your mouth.

Technically speaking, that would mean using products like tonics, oils, tinctures, etc.


CBD topicals are the least popular. But as the first two delivery methods mentioned, topicals are also effective.

They include but are not limited to CBD-infused lotions, creams, ointments, balms, oils such as Synchronicity Hemp Oil, and many more.

Vaping & Smoking

Vaping generally refers to a method of CBD inhalation. It involves the use of a vape pen and e-battery to draw CBD into the body.

Smoking is what it has always been.

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How to choose a delivery method that’s right for you

  1. Consider what’s most convenient for you

The first criterion for choosing a CBD delivery method is convenience.

If you think drinking out of a tincture or oil bottle might create unnecessary attention, you may want to kick that option out of the window. Some people are quite convenient with vaping CBD in their cars or secluded areas at the office. If you have this sort of privacy and are cool with vaping, then this is probably a good idea for you.

Alternatively to all these, there is the capsule delivery method, which is actually more straightforward and discreet. No one will know the kind of pill you’ve swallowed.

Edibles (candies and gummies) are another wonderful option, especially for people who like the idea of chewing or licking things.

Oh, and let’s not forget CBD topicals. Those ones can fit right into your early morning skin routine.

  1. Consider what you’re trying to use CBD for

CBD can be used for relaxation, as a sleep aid, as a pain reliever, and for a lot of things. The purpose for which you want to use the compound can help you decide which delivery method to choose.

For example, if you want to use CBD as a sleep aid, it’s best to vape or smoke it. Why? Because only inhalation delivers the effects of CBD within a short time frame (about 5 to 10 minutes). Oral methods like edibles, tinctures, and oil take hours to take effect.

For someone looking to use CBD for relaxation, and stress relief, inhalation is also the most preferable option.

In other words, inhalation is the best CBD delivery method for anyone looking for instant or quick results.

However, for people looking for a more pronounced and longer effect, oral delivery methods are their best bet. For example, if you need CBD to cure pain, relieve anxiety and depression, curb migraine, or influence munchies, then the best delivery method is oral.

  1. Consider the target area

Another consideration that can help you choose the right CBD delivery method is the area of the body you’re targeting.

  • If you’re targeting anywhere in and around the mouth, we recommend using gummies, oil, or tinctures.

For example, if you need a quick solution to a toothache problem, your best bets are chewable CBD gummies, CBD tinctures, and CBD oil. Why? You wonder.

Let’s take chewable CBD gummies as an example; when you chew gummies, you get the CBD content in direct contact with the capillary-rich areas in your mouth. With the aid of these capillaries, the CBD is easily absorbed into the bloodstream of the affected area where it can quickly do the needful.

  • If you’re targeting anywhere inside the brain, we recommend vaping or smoking.

Inhalation is the fastest way to get anything into your brain. Whether you’re looking to calm your mind or relieve a headache, you can always trust CBD vaping to do a good job.

  • If you’re targeting anywhere on the skin, we recommend topical.

This one seems pretty straightforward already. If you need a cure to any skin-related condition that CBD is known to deal with, rubbing a topical like cream or lotion makes a lot of sense.

Sometimes, it can also be a good idea to use this method to deal with muscle spasms or bone-related pains. In such scenarios, topical CBD products like ointments and balm come in handy.

  1. Consider your taste buds

This one might seem not so important, but it bears mentioning that the major reason CBD edibles like gummies were invented is that some people hated the bitter aftertaste of CBD.

To be honest, CBD’s taste is not really pleasant.

If you know you’re not a big fan of “earthy”, “woody”, or “bitter” taste, you’re better off avoiding stuff like CBD oil, or tinctures. Instead, try CBD edibles in any form you find them.

But if you must use CBD oil, you can try taking it alongside another substance that helps mask the taste like soda, juice, or honey.

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