Content Marketing for SEO: Creating Content That Converts

Content marketing is one of the most pivotal ways of gaining visibility on the internet. The best SEO strategies cannot help you if the content you create does not speak to your audience and make a mark. This is why 97% of respondents to a study about marketing strategies noted that content marketing was part of their overall marketing strategies. 

Great content is what differentiates businesses that languish in obscurity from those that make the front page of search engine result pages. However, getting it right is undoubtedly difficult. How do you figure out what content you should prioritize? How do you know what makes great content? This is where a content marketing agency can be a game changer. If you want to know what the secret to creating great content that converts is, keep reading to learn more.

Background Research Comes First

Before you can start creating content, you need to get a clear sense of who you are producing content for. Content marketing agencies keenly understand that there is, in fact, no one size fits all formula for creating compelling content. This means what works for one business may as well fall flat on its face for another. Before you begin thinking about content, you have to get up personal with your target audience. This involves researching the following: 

  • What are your target customers like? What are their likes and dislikes? What are their problems? What are they looking for? How old are they? Who are they?
  • Where do they like hanging out on the internet?
  • What kind of content are they drawn towards?

Content marketing agencies conduct thorough market research to understand your customers before they even begin to think about content marketing plans.

Take A Dive Into The Data

Content marketing agencies rely rather heavily on data-driven insights to understand the best ways to create content that will make a mark. While Google Analytics can help you get a solid picture on where to get started, creating content that converts often needs a lot more analysis. The best content marketing agencies are equipped with a wide range of technologies they can leverage to conduct a thorough analysis of what content is working best in your niche today.

It is also worth noting that data-driven content creation allows content marketing agencies to not only see what content is drawing attention but also what kind of content is best placed to drive sales and conversions. 

Variety Is Your Best Friend

Content marketing, whether you do it yourself or through a content marketing agency, thrives on variety. As you conduct keyword research and get to know your audience, it’s important to keep search intent in mind and consider a wide range of content ideas and forms that you might be able to incorporate into your content marketing plan. The top way to do this is to narrow in on keywords that are searched more often but are low in terms of competition.

Writing content for SEO isn’t just about writing blogs and creating social media posts; a great content strategy will include other, less conventional forms of content too, including case studies, reviews, and user testimonials.

Do not Forget Content That Does not Rely On The Written Word

If you conduct a Google search right now for anything at all, you’ll find that some of the top results will likely be video results. Optimizing content like images, videos, and even podcasts will allow you to rank high on Google for the right keywords. 

In this context, recycling your content can work out very well. Content marketing agencies often take the content from a successful blog post and turn it into a video. Similarly, a great video can be turned into a beautiful and visually representative infographic. This way, you take valuable content and turn it into something that can reach many people in a wide variety of ways.

The First Impression You Make Will Be The Last Impression You Make

One of the best and most time-tested ways of drawing the attention of your users and turning them into conversions is writing great headlines. The internet is littered with all types of content, but when you write a great headline, you are the loudest in the noise. 

Compelling headlines can be written in many ways. One of the top ways to do this is to narrow in on an emotion — fear, urgency, curiosity, etc. — to draw users’ attention and retain it. And naturally, the longer your visitors stick around, the greater your chances of converting them. Content marketing agencies understand how to get this right and can prove extremely helpful to you in the process of creating a content strategy to meet your goals.

Make Your Content Easy To Navigate

Content marketing agencies demonstrate respect for their audience’s time by ensuring their content is easy to read and skim through. Doing this does not have to be a difficult process:

  • Split your content into paragraphs that are easy to read and navigate.
  • If your piece is long, split it into segments and include a linked table of contents right at the top. 
  • Active voice is your best friend when it comes to writing snaps content. 
  • Use images to keep the structure of your content visually appealing and well-organized.

The best content marketing agencies focus on excellent writing to drive traffic and conversion. However, they also account for originality, great design, and visual appeal to create a rounded sense of value in their content.

The Upshot

Content marketing is one of the most reliable ways to make a mark in the wide, wide world of the internet. This is where a trusted and experienced content marketing agency like AdLift can be a real asset. They will tailor content marketing plans to your brand’s needs to make sure you are getting precisely what you want out of your digital marketing strategies.

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