Content Seeding: Doing It Right

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Content seeding helps in the identification of the target audiences for the services and learn how they engage with the content. The distribution of content via different social media channels and promoters ensures that the targeted audience is in the consumer loop.

In this article, we have discussed all about content seeding and how to employ it. Besides, this guide will help to understand essentials of startup marketing, how to choose marketing vendors: to outsource marketing or do in-house, and how it may also go hand in hand with content seeding.

About 72 percent of organizations use paid social media promoted posts and ads as a part of content seeding strategy. This has a direct effect on sales as the audience connects more to such channels.

Social media influencers and bloggers provide a reliable platform for content seeding as they have the required engagement, and the audience trusts them more. Moreover, it helps in highlighting the content for a better reach.

For instance, sending subscription boxes, eCommerce app coupons, paid posts, and blogs help any brand connect to more people. Apart from social media influencers, special agencies can also partner for content seeding. They may have a higher reach with a massive network of leaders to work on blogs, newsletters, and posts. 

What is Content Seeding?

Content seeding is about obtaining maximum engagement with the use of diverse online channels. It involves blogs, homepages, social networks and social media that post relevant content to target the app or site. With creative content and posts, the audience engages more; hence, more sales. The content must be fresh and relevant for the people to connect. Otherwise, the audience may forget about the brand and move on to other services.

Besides, the users feel this type of content is more authentic instead of over-selling ads. So, content seeding uses this trust of people in influencers and media personalities. They feel it is backed up by them, so it must be worth the investment.

Content seeding emphasizes growing this network of connections with organic content. With the help of content seeding, it will create an increase in awareness and reach of the original content. The content will carry more weight if a thought leader validates it.

Why do you need content seeding?

Content seeding helps in increasing brand awareness and expanding the business to new customers. Moreover, it is one of the best marketing strategies to spread the news about your new eCommerce app or new product launch. A company can create hype even before the launch with the use of the right seeding techniques. With product links and direct visits to the company’s website in the content, the audience may click more and buy the services.

Furthermore, content seeding eliminates the SEO and other forms of promotion when you can get the desired outcome from online posts. However, the most favorable strategy is to find a balance between platforms, the right partnerships, and relevant content to promote the services. You may promote a beauty app by partnering with a model or a beauty inducer. Similarly, you may pick the right platform to find the most number of users.

The impact of how you package the online content with relevancy may result in a significant number of users. If the content is not relevant, the users may feel it’s a scam. Similarly, the users pay attention to the packaging from any eCommerce app store as it shows the efforts of a brand. Learn all about packaging for eCommerce to get more ideas.

How to use content seeding for e-commerce apps?

Content seeding has various areas that you may wish to learn about before diving deeper. This may help you assess your promotional investments and how to make the most out of them.

Define audience

Content seeding strategies have to revolve around the audience that will consume your services. Defining the people with certain demands, age groups, geographical locations, and purposes will help your brand stay relevant. The company can only sell to the audience that understands the product. Besides, you need to identify the places you may find them.

One way to identify the audience is via social media channels. The social media personalities have a massive following and audience that believes in their work. Therefore, working with influencers may improve your seeding strategies and reach.

Define social media channels and communities

Staying up-to-date with the current trends, news, and the targeted audience will be a key for content seeding. You may look for influencers who have worked with similar brands in the past and connect with them. Also, use Google Alerts to look for relevant new topics to create content strategies. This will ensure you get the auto-updates that are relevant to your business. Look for blogger outreach campaigns to stay updated with the latest trends.

Social media influencers and bloggers bridge the gap between commercial websites and customers. They use their audience that they have connected with over the years to promote the brands. Besides, you may use blog posts and pages on such social platforms with content pitches. Marketing software is an excellent help in setting a budget and finding the right influencers. It helps you assess a budget for the number of clicks and cost per click.

The influencers click and visit your profile to share it on their social media accounts. Therefore, it is an excellent method of building a network with potential influencers for your eCommerce app or website. Also, this eliminates the need for you to reach out to everyone individually. Apart from this, you may use manual content seeding by finding new potential influencers online. You may have to look for influencers who have a similar field of work and audience.

This way, you may reach them directly via email or messages to ask them if they would like to share your content. Your emails and proposals should stand out from the rest while contacting influencers. Learn all about the email marketing checklist to be more impressive in your outreach. You may find an online brand ambassador this way. If they agree, you need to decide on a certain fee and specify your budget. The price of a sponsored post or blog will depend upon the number of followers and outreach in a day.

Finally, you can find new viewers by studying other brands’ engagements. You may check their accounts to learn about the targeted audience.

Start to build a reputation in a community

Your commercial app and service should reflect your quality and efforts. The influencers will help on building the reputation by backing up your brand and ensuring the audience of your great services. This will help the audience identify useful content to fulfill their needs. Moreover, the content shared on social media channels should be organic and relevant. Also, ensure you deliver what you claim. The positive experience of consumers and influencers will create your online reputation.

Your team should be able to resolve queries and handle grievances in time for the users to trust the brand. A number of good reviews will bring in potential customers. Here is a handy eCommerce customer service management guide to ensure your audience does not fall under the 60% of consumers who stop using an app after poor service.

Define season goods that may be relevant – ask about them

Social media is all about being relevant and cashing in when the desire for good is still high. This involves season good and new trends that may catch the eye of the customer quicker than other things. These relevant topics will spread the word about your brand across various channels and communities. The traffic to your eCommerce app may increase manifold after a positive mention about new season goods.

Although there is a specific window of time to ensure your content still stays relevant. Otherwise, you may wait for other season and trendy goods. So, you need to research well and ask your viewers about input. Short stories, polls, questions, DMs, and engaging content may specify such season goods.

Start writing an article about goods

Introducing your goods and apps with articles and blogs may help you with better outreach. Use infographics, pictures, and develop strategies to impress readers. The content should be relatable and authentic to ensure it has a desirable effect. For instance, you may promote your new food delivery app with relevant articles of recipes or food reviews.

Moreover, you may create and add videos for the customers to see and believe in the goods. These articles will connect your brand to an audience of all sizes; therefore, it is worth the time and effort.

Make your own post about goods and tag active commenters

Along with social influencers’ promotional strategies, the company may build an online presence with its own posts to connect with the users. Your original content will bring in the audience to work in your favor. They may engage in the messages, comments of the posts and share them on their profiles.

You may ask them to use hashtags and share their brand experience. This way, you can tag the active users in the posts and the stories. These strategies enhance the reach by encouraging more people to use your services. Ensure that your content is high in quality so that it can have maximum impact.

Track the traffic increase

You will understand the outreach better from the statistics. See the blogger interaction, influencer outreach, social seeding, news watch, and community discussions to learn how the content seeding is impacting positively. This ensures you study the transfer of traffic across all communities to your content. 

Besides, evaluate your strategic measures in terms of returns and sales. Track the outreach of the blogger’s site to see the efficacy and areas that you may improve in the future. You may find some more places to seed the content for future gains. The relevancy in content and traffic, along with influencers, are the key to content seeding.

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