Content Writing Tools Every Beginner Should Know

Have you ever written a blog post or composed an article? If yes, then you might know how much effort goes into planning and writing. Writing is not an easy task. Writing an article requires so many details to be added. These details turn visitors into customers and rank your article high on search engines. So, how writers can produce something attractive for their readers? How can writers create content that checks all the boxes of details?  

So, in answer to the questions above. There are some fantastic tools out there to improve your writing skills. Before going towards tools, let’s talk about the goals of content writing. There are some goals which you have to achieve. These include;

  1. Write in an easy language 
  2. Titles should be eye-catching 
  3. Content should be original and genuine 
  4. Choose the best keywords.

Content Writing Tools:

People usually don’t read the whole web article. The average visit of a web article is under a minute. The content title should be attractive, and the writing should be easy to read. The tools which you can use to optimize your writing are as follows;

Hemmingway Editor:

This is a free site where you can paste the content your write. This will highlight the complicated sentences and confusing words. This app also tells you about the use of passive voice in your writing. This tool shows colour coded marks for easy editing of your content. You can jump directly to the faulty sentence with the help of colour-coded marks. 

Hemmingway app was designed for journalists and content writers. As in these occupations, you need a readability grade of 6. This helps maximize your audience. Hemmingway updates the score based on complicated sentences and passive voice. You can bring your score down by simply converting passive into active voice and complicated sentences into simple ones. 


  • It’s free
  • Colour coding makes it easier to identify problems in your writing 
  • Helps in composing the writing rapidly 


  • You can’t use this app outside simplifying your content

Blog Topic Generator: 

This online writing tool will help you in generating your topic. Paste in the keywords of the topic that you want to write about. This tool will split the keywords into topics and titles. Writers can use this tool if there are to write several blog posts. This can also be used to develop an excellent title for your content without wasting much time. 

This tool is totally free and very simple to operate. Navigate to the tool page and enter the keywords, and that’s it. It will generate titles and topics for your content/log. 


  • It’s free
  • Simple to use 
  • Very helpful in generating ideas for blog posts 


  • It will generate pretty good ideas for your writing, but it doesn’t give any information about top content in the market. 


This tool is for anyone working on long documents. It could be a novel, an essay, a long blog post, or a lengthy article. Writing a novel or a lengthy blog post requires a massive amount of information to organize. Indeed, this tool will help in your organizing that much amount of information. 


  • You have complete control of your document. You can break down the long documents into smaller sections. 
  • Outlining and side by side document viewing for consistency checks  
  • Track your progress towards your writing goals 


  • You can’t use Scrivener for the android system 
  • Lagging while typing the document 


This tool helps in scanning the documents for duplicate content even if you are working on a dissertation writing task. The scanning process is quick. It can also scan a single sentence or phrase if you are extra careful about your writing.  This tool can also be used for the optimization of your search engine. As duplicate content on your website will reduce the traffic to your site. This tool systematically checks for duplicate content and highlights each page. It’s a bit like a dissertation writing service.


  • With the premium version, you check up to 25000 pages
  • It helps in visualizing the duplicated content 
  • Detects  most prominent pages of a website 


  • You can check only 250 pages for free
  • You can avail of the free checking offer only once every 30 days

Keyword Planner:

This is pretty much an official keyword search tool, as it is Google’s own. It fulfills all your needs of searching keywords. Whether you are designing content for your website or writing a blog post for social media, this tool is simple to use and has a wide variety of keywords. You can enter the industry, your topic, or your website to have a selection of keywords. 

This tool also organizes the keywords based on popularity, subject, level of competition etc. This tool should be the first stop keeping in view its simplicity to operate. 


  • You can put up to 3 words for keyword suggestions
  • You can also insert the URL of a website for suggestions 
  • You can look back to the data of the past four years 


  • Offer fewer keyword suggestions 
  • Keyword filters are less. It gives data only for broad matches 


Without any doubt, Grammarly is one of the most popular online writing tools to check for grammar mistakes. This can also be added as an extension to your browser. You can use this tool for writing either you are composing emails, working on social media or content writing platforms. Although it’s an excellent online tool for grammar checking, sometimes it neglects errors, and you can only omit those errors using the company’s premium plan. 


  • Grammarly makes pasting your work painless compared to the other apps. 
  • Simple to operate. Type in real-time Grammarly or compose somewhere and then paste into Grammarly. 
  • It helps you remain on the same page and tone if you are working in a team environment.