Everything You Need To Know About Contesting a Traffic Ticket in Court

It happens to nearly everyone. You get too into your favorite song and forget to watch your speed. You’re running late and think an extra five miles over the speed limit isn’t that big a deal.Traffic ticket image 11111Before Your Court Date

The first step to contesting your traffic ticket is to stay calm. Chances are things will be fine. Keep your cool before your date as well as when you’re in front of the judge. It helps if you come in organized. Keep a record of the time and date of the citation, the weather on that day, and the radar reading you received.

Remember to provide your registration and insurance information as well. Bring any proof you have that you weren’t speeding, if that’s the case. Use a file folder to keep it organized in the courtroom.

On the day of your court date, dress accordingly. Wear something conservative and professional. Avoid jeans and tank tops. Wear nice pants or a skirt and blouse. Avoid crossing your arms, chewing gum, rolling your eyes, or doing anything else that gives the impression that you are being rude. Stay focused, and don’t be afraid to bring a traffic ticket attorney with you.

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Image: adapted from https://www.ticketclinic.com/services/speeding-ticket-lawyer

Know How To Get the Ticket Dismissed

Getting a traffic ticket dismissed may not be as hard as you think, especially if you know what to look for. One of the easiest ways is to find false information. If the officer didn’t write your information down correctly, you could use it as a grounds for dismissal. Look at everything from the way your name is spelled to the color of your car or the time you were cited.

You may also be able to prove equipment issues. Consider whether the red light camera or a radar gun were malfunctioning and ask a lawyer how you can prove it. Even if you were speeding, you may be able to get the ticket dismissed by enrolling in a defensive driving course to show you’re working on correcting the problem on your own. This is a good idea if you are worried you’ll add too many points to your license otherwise.

Show up or by mail

Finally, you may be able to get it dismissed simply by showing up or doing trial by mail. If the officer who ticketed you doesn’t show up to your court date, it is likely to be dismissed because he won’t be there to make a case against you.

If you choose to do a trial by mail, you must write a letter submitting why you feel you aren’t guilty. The officer must submit a letter as well. If the court doesn’t receive one, you’ll win by default.

No matter how much you watch your speed limit, sometimes mistakes happen. Whether the mistake is speeding on your part or a false ticket on the officer’s part, consider hiring a traffic attorney. A professional can answer your questions and help to ensure you have the best chance when contesting your ticket in court.


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