Control Your Appliances via Internet Now!

Technological advancement has made the impossible, possible! From calling an Uber to booking a flight, we need the Internet and its technology in our hands. Technologists have been trying to connect appliances to the Internet for years.

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Now, the technology has gone to such a level that we can remotely control most if not all of our appliances. They even had an idea of incorporating a TV screen over the range hood, but it wouldn’t be as smart and practical a choice as accessing the fridge remotely is.

Imagine your fridge informing you when the chili sauce is running out or the stove could alert you that the gravy is ready to be served. Guess what? All of this is now possible with the Internet of things technology, kicking in the era of centralized connectivity.

Thanks to the creation of the Internet and the ever-growing progress of technology, we are becoming connected to every little yet important thing. However, a reliable Internet connection is required in order to remain online and in touch at all times. Find yourself a reliable Internet service provider by clicking here. This platform is home to the USA’s best performing ISPs that have been known to deliver reliability and efficiency.

Coming back to smart appliances and apps, which can allow you to connect with your appliances at home – we have gathered a list of a few such devices and applications which make you feel in control.

GE Appliances

GE’s app allows you to control your oven remotely.  Now, you can pre-heat your oven on your way back home or while picking vegetables in the market. One can also prepare a birthday cake for someone special without having to take a day off work.


Dacor also manufactures ovens that can be remotely accessed and monitored through its smart discover IQ program. You can check the status of your food while it cooks. It also notifies you when it’s ready.


Does it ever happen to you that you left the fridge open accidentally and left for office, and come back to an open fridge, which makes you wonder whether someone had sneaked into your place? Well, Whirlpool’s 6th sense live app instantly notifies you if someone leaves the fridge open. It also alerts you to unload your clean laundry, dishes, etc.


Bosch has started manufacturing appliances that can be controlled via home Connect. A number of other appliances brands use similar home Connect apps as well.


Crockpot’s smart Slow cooker can be controlled with the WeMo app. It enables users to adjust the temperature, cooking time, and avail several other impressive features that you have always dreamt of having.


Lynx smart grill is another smart gadget with enhanced capabilities. A gas grill can be controlled with voice commands. Voice commands. Yes! It’s true. Imagine telling your stove to turn the heat up or low. Smart, in this context, refers to devices which can do more than their traditional counterparts – many have programs with artificial intelligence.

LG and Samsung

LG and Samsung, the giants of the electronics world, are also working to produce smart appliances. They are both developing appliances that will be able to operate just by simple text messages. So, now you can preheat your oven or start the dishwasher before getting home. You can enjoy a long vacation, leaving your appliances and electronics on power-saving mode.

Internet and technology are a deadly combination, and together they can win anything over. Internet service providers are playing a pivotal role in providing consistent, reliable, and great speeds to keep us connected to the best that is available out there in the world.

I take my hat off to all the ISPs and technologists for doing a great job in providing us with amazing services. This technological advancement would have been nothing without efficient Internet connectivity.


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