How to Convert Audio to Text Automatically  

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Transcription is a great and common approach that is currently used to convert audio files into precise, readable text. Provided you have a device such as a laptop, tablet, or any other device with a reliable internet connection, there are several apps you can find online which can help you convert your audio track to text form.

Currently, there is a comprehensive array of transcription companies that offer audio to text transcription solutions. However, different companies providing transcription services have different terms and conditions of service. Therefore, if you’re looking for a company to help you convert your audio track to text form, it is vital you compare the various company alternatives you find before you entrust one with your transcription project. A good transcription firm is the one which will guarantee high accuracy service in a quick and efficient way.

 What is Audio to Text Transcription? 

Audio to text transcription is the outcome you get from converting an audio file to text form. Whether your audio file that you want to convert to text format is in form of video, or audio-only content, it is advisable you look for a transcription service that specializes in converting audio files to text forms word-for-word.

Choose Between Automatic Transcription and Self Transcription 

There are two transcription options that you can use to convert your audio to text. These transcription options are self transcription and automatic transcription. While the latter allows you to use a software to transcribe your audio to text, the former gives you a chance to transcribe on your own.

Automatic transcription is simply using a software to convert audio files to texts. The audio to be converted is first analyzed by speech recognition and the text is resolved by the programming.   With manual transcription, an individual rather than technology is creating a transcript. Though automatic and self transcriptions have individual merits, the former has far-reaching benefits that make it a greater option than the latter.

Benefits of Automative Transcription 

Firms that require the help of transcription should first differentiate between automated and self transcriptions so that the can know between the two which one is much better for their needs. Here are some of the reasons that make automatic transcription a better option over self transcription:


Automatic transcription is a cheaper option when compared to self transcription. With automatic transcription, you will incur a very little amount of money if not none to convert audio file to text.

Easily Accessible 

If you are looking for a great audio to text converter online service, choosing automated transcription will expose you to an extensive range of options to choose from. As long as you have a device like smartphone with stable internet, you will access a number of dependable audio to text converters online that you can choose from.

Faster and More Accurate

Automatic transcription will help you eliminate errors resulted by fatigue as well as other distraction. Unlike self transcription, automatic transcription guarantees you a higher degree of accuracy when you’re using it to convert your audio file to text.

Audio to Text Converter Audext 

Audext is an audio to text converter service that is commonly used to automatically transcribe audio to text. If you are looking for an audio to text converter online and you want to get top-notch results, choose today and you won’t regret.  Converting audio to text wih will save your precious time by helping you transcribe your audio file to text in a few minutes.

How Audext Works

When using Audext, after your audio to text transcription is done you can edit your text by using the editor provided on the site. The editor will tie up every word to the exact audio.   Audext is an audio to text converter that supports different source formats including MP3, WAV, and WMV audio to text transcription. It contains speaker identification features that significantly reduce the workload in your transcription job.

However, despite Audext having incomparable merits, it cannot transcribe video files or convert word/text to audio. This app is not a generator and therefore cannot be used to transcribe audio with background noise.   Convert your Speech to Text via Fast and Accurate Dictation   When it comes to converting audio to text automatically, Audext will always be a great choice than any other automated transcription service in the industry. Use Audext today to convert audio files to text and get fast and accurate outcomes.